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Why do people pay more attention to a girl's looks than boy's?

Asked by thywater (100points) July 24th, 2019

I was watching families today at dinner. It seems the families didn’t see each other for a while. One kid, male, was told he is so “strong”, and like a “lion”. The female kid was told she’s gotten “even more beautiful”.

I witnessed similar things before. I was just wondering why this is and whether it impacts the kids’ lives.

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For what it is worth , here is a review of the naturalist Desmond Morris’ take on this subject. Basically, he thinks that viewing women as sexual objects is a result of male cultural domination, which, though it is not stated explicitly, seems to be a result of the Agricultural Revolution.

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Because women are traditionally viewed as objects, preferably of beauty.

Myself and many other women would much rather be told that was a smart move, or a brilliant conversation, etc….most of us know we’re beautiful, and looks certainly are just luck of the draw.

As far as affecting our lives, well let’s just say that I’ve worked very hard to overcome stereotypes and still am at age 46.

I’m not saying it’s not okay to tell someone they look nice or something, but I see so many women that put such a high value on their looks, that are bound to fade. I worry about their sanity and self-esteem as they age.

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Like HeMan says by the “power” of GraySkull, and SheRa by the “honor” of GraySkull.
Also for sone reason sailor scouts power up includes earings and miniskirts.

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It always seems to me that women themselves are just more preoccupied with it. I’m not 100% sure what all the reasons are but it’s not just because of male subjugation. It’s deeper than that. Ladies seem to compete with each other more than anything. A good number of guys care very much about their looks but that’s considered vain and this is a cultural influence. Same thing when a woman does not care, she is considered a tomboy or not lady like.

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It’s not always that way, I remember my mum, aunts, grandma & female cousins would regularly refer to me as a handsome little lad.

Girls are historically going to receive compliments on their looks, only when they are older does their strength shine through.

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Men are naturally stronger. Men also are naturally more chiseled. It’s not mysterious that strength is complimented in men.

What was said to the children were physical traits simply observed so I think they are very similar, it’s focusing on outer physical characteristics. If they had said the boy is so smart and the girl is so pretty it would be more annoying to me.

Although, when I was a young girl my grandpa used to say to me “make a muscle” and he’d feel my bicep and tell me how big it was.

I tell my husband he is beautiful all the time. I rarely say strong, even though he is much much stronger than me. The only time I think about his physical strength is when I need him to carry something for me.

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Probably the same reason a girl cares more about how she looks than a boy does.

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I think male looks DEFINITELY matter.

Its just not talked about as much. Fewer would admit it.

Also, male attractiveness is a different standard than a female’s If you are a pure, squeaky-clean, attractive twelve-year-old boy, the 12 year old girls might find a scruffier boy with less clean looking skin, greasy hair, scruffy clothes and dirt more appealing.

At least that’s how it was when I was 12 years old through my mid-20s.

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I really like @KNOWITALL ‘s answer.

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@kritiper I see a lot of aging beauties turning into alcoholics. They can’t handle not being the center of male attention anymore, it’s really sad.

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With boys we’re mostly just happy they aren’t in jail or impregnating girls.

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In my fifties I still look much younger than most in my 1982 graduating class. But I no longer turning heads. So I daydream a lot about younger days, vacationing, coffee shops, college, being away from home for the first time, homesick but with potential and looking for potential love. Although no one acts like I’m weird or “out’ anymore, there isn’t the connection with people, especially younger people, that I had just a decade ago,

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Because men react to looks more than women.

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@Yellowdog That made me sad. The attention you receive shouldn’t be from looks but seems it just is how it is for pretty people. Because like @KNOWITALL says what happens when those who receive attention for this reason age? You learn to base your value on your beauty and learn to rely on it, then boom, it deteriorates. I can’t even imagine.

I guess men have it easier. Seems a man is more valued if he is smarter and wealthier, successful. That doesn’t necessarily have an expiration date. Most men are still out there at 60, not INVISIBLE like most women feel. I’d love to have comments about this.

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I’m a little nostalgic too @Yellowdog, but kind of relieved too.

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