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Is your personality more of a Javert or a Jean Valjean?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28019points) August 8th, 2019

From Les Miserables.

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Valjean. Javert is the worst kind of unthinking autocrat, with no leniency or compassion, a strict adherent to the letter of the law.

Valjean was a transformed man who rose above his oppression.

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Using only two choices I would go with Jean Val jean.
I loved the book as well as PBS televised series.
Wish that they would do also ” The Count of Monte Crisco” as its along similar lines of thought.

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I’m probably more of a Javert.

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I’m probably 90 percent Jean Valjean ( wish I have his physical strength 100 percent ) and the rest Javert.

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