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How do you make a "meatless" meatball?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10364points) August 13th, 2019

Subway is advertising that they will be testing a “meatless” meatball sub. There’s not a lot of info on what the ingredients will be. So, now I’m wondering how you’d make a “meatless” meatball or should it be called something else since it will be meatless???

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Probably similar ingredients to a meatless hamburger. Beans maybe? With flavoring, breadcrumbs, etc. Just a guess.

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Vegan meatball? Maybe a mix more like stuffing, fried or baked, different spice, like oregano? Sounds good!!

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Eggs to bind them with oatmeal,onions,mushrooms,and whatever suits your taste.

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Maybe they’re speaking of the new Beyond Meat. The stock has skyrocketed but I have no idea what’s in this concoction. Vegan burgers have been around for a very long time so I’d think most people would know how they’re made by now.

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Meat-free meatballs are just balls.

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Why even bother.

I don’t understand why vegans want to even pretend to eat meat.

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They are going to use a plant based meat alternative by the makers of Impossible Burgers (although some news outlets say they will use Beyond Meat meatballs.).

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@Aster I’m sure that most people do know; however as a raging carnivore, I’ve never studied the vegan lifestyle & I’m not familiar with how they create their food!!! I do know that it is meatless, but that’s about as far as I’ve gone. I just don’t see the logic behind making a meatless meatball because I agree with @ARE_you_kidding_me Meat-free meatballs are just balls. I live in a small town & don’t think I’ve ever met a vegan that lives here. I’ve known many vegetarians but no one I know has ever claimed to be a vegan. I don’t care what others eat & pay very little attention. I do my best to respect others lifestyle;& if it’s meatless, that’s perfectly fine with me!!! I don’t enjoy Subway’s meatball sub, so a meatless meatball sub sounds disgusting to me!!!

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Hello everybody, I am one of the resident vegetarians, and I often eat vegan “meat alternatives”.

For me, real meat didn’t taste bad to me, and it has a pleasant texture. That’s why people like it.

I choose not to eat real meat for ethical reasons. It’s not necessary for us, in this day and age, to kill animals for food. Not in first world countries. That is why I, personally, am a vegetarian. That being said, I have made that choice for myself, and don’t begrudge anyone else, their choices of what to eat, or their reasons for making those choices. Everyone has to make those kinds of extremely personal choices for themselves. I do not try to convert people, but I do like to be helpful, when people are trying to eat less meat, or if they are switching over to a completely meat-free diet. So it’s all good.

Before I became a vegetarian in my early 20s (so that’s about 30 years) I liked meatball sandwiches, and hamburgers, and pepperoni, and chicken. So for me, it’s always nice to find vegetarian and vegan companies who are willing to make “meat alternative” versions of these things. It also makes it easier, and less scary for people who are transitioning, and less scary for omnivores to eat something that at least resembles a burger or a meatball, if they are being served something like that in the home of a vegetarian.

I am about to head out to go for a swim, but I’d like to come back later, and talk about this subject more in depth, and give some recipes. Which is what I do : )

See you a little later.

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It can’t be done.

A meatless meatball is a ball.

A meatlessmess: the cheesy harbinger of endlessness, meaninglessness and meatlessness.

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Have you eaten an Impossible Burger? I honestly could not tell it wasn’t hamburger meat. .
Burger King is starting to sell it in certain areas now.

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I have had the beyond meat burger. I actually really liked it. It’s mostly pea protein if I remember. I don’t know that it’s that much healthier than a regular beef patty though.

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I really do NOT have a problem with those who choose to be vegan/vegetarian. I just think there should be a better name for this product than meatless meatball. It should have its own name. After all, the meatless hamburger is called the Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat Burger. My problem is NOT wth the food choice the person eating it makes…I simply don’t care for the name Subway is choosing to name it!!! Since it’s only going to be tested, I think before release is a good time to voice my opinion. Who knows, maybe Subway has a mole in Fluther!!!

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You should inform them directly that the term MEATBALLS sticks in your craw and suggest they use some other appellation like EATBALLS.

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A friend preferred using ground turkey instead of ground beef for the meatballs on her spaghetti. She called them fowl balls,

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@zenvelo I like the fowl ball reference!!!

@Pinguidchance I do plan on speaking with the owner of my local Subway. That’s what caused me to ask this Q. At this point, I don’t have a better idea & I thought in getting responses my light bulb would go on with a better name. Actually, I don’t understand why the name meatless meatball bothers me so much, but it bugs the crap out of me!!! It really needs its own name not a name that makes it sound like an afterthought!!!

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