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Do you know anyone over the age of 50 that doesn't have heart problems or diabetes?

Asked by tinyfaery (41964points) 1 month ago

…Whether it be high blood pressure or high cholesterol or pre-diabetes?

I got the results of a blood test a few days ago, and even though my cholesterol is good, great even, my blood pressure, and my blood sugar levels are within normal levels, my doctor said that once I hit 50 (I’m 45 now) and/or go into menopause some of my levels might need to come down.

Well, shit. I’m a vegan so I don’t consume a lot of fat or cholesterol. I could eat less sugar and stand to lose a few pounds, but I don’t even know how I could bring these important numbers down.

I’m not a believer in some big conspiracy that big-pharma wants us to buy more drugs, but I know that the AMA keeps lowering these numbers to determine if one is healthy or not. I just don’t understand how anyone can age and stay healthy.

I’d like an answer to my question but I’d also like to know your opinions about aging and health, and what you did to stay healthy as you aged.

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ETA, too simplistic. oK, I am overweight, but my ticker is fine, no signs of pre-diabetic issues (unless, like a9me, you count any overweight as pre-diabetic), blood pressure high normal, cholesterol numbers are good.
I have some health issues that are not age related, but I am not on any drugs. I eat a really high quality diet, that helps.
I avoid buying into the panic about aging that so many have.

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I’m 61. 50 did seem to be the magic number for my body to start breaking down. High blood pressure, thyroid issue and high cholesterol. Even though I have never been over weight and eat pretty healthy. I eat meat about 5 times a year, but I’m not vegan.
I work in a doctors office and they range in age 35–67. All are on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, among other ailments. I don’t know anyone that is not on some kind of pill. Of any age.

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Me, my mum, my dad, my brother.

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My aunt and uncle both live healthy, vegan and neither were on any medications until this year, around 73 yrs old. Uncle had high bp and aunt diagnosed with liver cancer.

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My girlfriend is 62, and her BP, glucose, and cholesterol are all within healthy norms.

But when I went on BP medication four years ago, I was surprised how many men I spoke to told me, “Oh yeah, me too.”

Think of it as the by-product of the common American diet.

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Well, since I don’t have a common American diet maybe I do not have to worry.

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No heart problems nor diabetes but gallbladder inflamed at times…so added more vegetables and fruits and cut out all bread and kept my weight down .
I exercise by going outdoors on short hikes when the weather permits.
My late father died of a Heart attack but not inherited but by stress in his life and drinking too much later in life.He passed away after receiving his Retirement Pension one year later.
He only had one year of retirement to enjoy after a long stressful work history.

My late mother died of many complications due to a struggling life and medical issues that had her on numerous pills for 70 years of her life which I am sure contributed to her later conditions.
She passed away at age 92 years old of a stomach ulcer that was not treated properly..otherwide she would had lived many years longer.

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I’m 52 & have never felt or looked better, well, maybe when I had a decent hairstyle :D
I took up running seriously 4 years ago & have dropped 3 stone, now weighing an athletic 160lbs.
Healthy in all areas so making the most of that while it lasts.

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Absolutely. I know lots of people over 50 with great numbers and a strong heart. I know people in their 70’s and 80’s that don’t take any meds and still get out and live like 20 year olds. There are people like that all around me.

Not me though. Lol. But, I’ve had things wrong with my heart for a long time. Mostly, it’s all called benign for now. Leaky valves and slow rate, arrhythmia etc. Around my heart I assume I am clogging up, high cholesterol since my first blood test at age 16. I’ve never come up with a high fasting glucose, let’s hope that doesn’t change. My blood pressure has been high at times, but it’s mostly related to my thyroid.

I’m 51. I honestly feel I could have a serious cardiac event or stroke at any moment. I’ve felt like this a few years now, and I don’t think it is paranoid at all.

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Me. No heart problems. No diabetes. No chronic illnesses. Very few surgeries at all and no routine meds. Could that change? Absolutely. But right now…and for the past 58 years…all is very routine. BP is on the low end of normal and steady…for years. Weight is just about exactly what modern medicine wants me at. Cholesterol is low, no problems with blood sugar…all normal. Only my Vitamin D seems to fluctuate a little.

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My aunt and uncle have no serious medical conditions that I know of. They are in their 60’s. They are also both vegan.

I mostly ate frozen food and don’t like vegetables. Got cancer at 40. So yeah.

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Me. No high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart problems, no high cholesterol. No medication for any of the above.

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I’ve got this broken ankle but otherwise I’m healthy as a horse (or penguin.)

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Both of my sisters…one is 61 and one is 72.
My cholesterol is high and I am pre-diabetic (just for reference. but i live an unhealthy lifestyle)

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