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Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you?

Asked by raum (5137points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Over the years, we’ve probably gotten a feel for other jellies. Their personalities and tidbits of their personal history. Even still, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Care to share something about yourself that you think most jellies would be surprised to know about you?

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I don’t think very many jellies know that my life savings were stolen from me in 2012.

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@Brian1946 That’s terrible! I hope you were able to resolve it somehow?

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I have cereal with milk, twice a day.

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I was awarded a $1.7 million dollar judgment. However, the defendant was so far underwater on several properties and other acquisitions, that the banks and other creditors repossessed those assets.

After that, he had no assets left with which to compensate us.

He is now serving a 10-year sentence; he’ll be 80+ when he gets out. Because I accepted $50,000 in compensation from CA, they will receive any assets he acquires after his release.

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Nope. It was the notorious cereal embezzler, Joe Bartholomew.

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Ah, him.
Different level, same low life.

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I am a Quality Manager at a very large manufacturing company.

…and I bite.

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I was raised Roman Catholic.

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I haven’t had a date since 2007. No, that’s not a misprint. :-(

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@chyna 1999 for the last date for me.

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I almost died at about 1 and a half, at least according to my mom. She was drying clothes on the balcony when she saw me sitting on the fence. According to her, she had to pull up all her strength to keep a straight face and not to scream or talk lest she startled me, and grabbed me out of that place. It’s a blessing I don’t have any recollection of that incident.

I’ve had a few pretty close call with death since, like that time in kindergarten when I climbed up a climbing frame to impressed my friends and almost had my eyes stabbed into a metal stick.

@Brian1946 imagine you worked hard and saved every penny as soon as you were able to work, only to have your money taken away by some stranger who didn’t bother to work… And to think of those people who wasted every penny they earned on trivial things, they need to see this.

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I was once thrown out of prison for causing trouble. It’s my main claim to infamy, and something I’ve never even heard of happening to anyone else.

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I’ve never been married.

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One of my breasts is bigger than the other two.

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After all these years here, some may be surprised to know that I’m actually pretty private and a bit shy in RL. I have lots of friends and associates but sharing my true, deep feelings is hard for me, except online.

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Loli, lol lol lol lol lol, that’s your skull.

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We don’t have staff for that.
That would be wank stupidity…weally.

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We are supportive here at fluther. You let us know if you ever need a hand.

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Sometimes I play poker with Phil Laak, Jesus, Jennifer Tilley, and others.

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I’m colorblind. Because of this, I see people, objects, and animals more easily when camouflaged. I also see much better at night than normal people that aren’t colorblind.

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I’ve heard that complete monochromats have better night vision. But is that due to rod sensitivity? Or acquired ability to differentiate tones?

PS I’m slathered in garlic.

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Raum, I “believe” it’s because some colorblind people have more rods in their eyes.

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I eat garlic. Also, Raum is the Great Earl of Hell. Welcome.

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Thanks…thirty legions of demons got kind of boring after an eternity. Figured I’d burn some time on Fluther in my human form.

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I like Lady Gaga.

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I know the answers to everything, but I won’t divulge, because it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.
damn! I gave it away.

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Fluther knows but my coworkers would never in a million years guess I’m a headbanger, an atheist and sometimes artist.

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@Are You Funny What art form? I dont recall that either.

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I draw, make music and I have been known to write short stories. More so in my youth though.

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@Are You We have several writers here now, interesting. Shoot me a sample of something if you get a chance, love to read it.

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I have a high school varsity letter in two sports.

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