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Do you make your bed every morning? Why or why not?

Asked by canidmajor (16335points) October 5th, 2019

This isn’t as trite as it might sound, there are so many answers! A discussion among friends led to this question, and the diversity of answers and reasons really surprised me.

I do, every day, because I thrash about in my sleep and I can’t get to sleep if the sheets are already tangled. I don’t care how it looks, I’m a bit of a slob, but an unmade bed will ruin my night.

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I do.
The reason why is that I like the sheets tight.
Have you ever ripped the tag off a mattress??

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No, but I do straighten it up (pull covers tight, fluff pillows).

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I use “bed sheet Garters” to keep the sheets on the mattress from coming bunched up etc
Check online as Amazon sells a lot of these products.
Sure makes it easier to make my bed in the mornings.
I make it as soon as I am dressed .
I like things in order and nest but not in an obsessive way.( not a neat freak).

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I never un-make the bed. I just put an additional bedspread or comforter over the bedspread and remove or fold it in the morning.

Disrupting and making up a bed, in my opinion, is more trouble than its worth.

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I straighten out the covers when I get up for the same reason as the OP. Most of the time I wake up to a tangled mess due to the way I sleep.
But I don’t “make the bed”.

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Yes. I like a nice, near bed at night.

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How are you defining “make the bed”? Is it straighten the covers and fluff the pillow or strip and wash everything? I always straighten it and try to pull the sheets tight but i change them weekly.

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@canidmajor ‘Cause it has six quilts on it and they go all other the place.

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its also a motivator in that once that bed is made then one does not have inclination to get back into bed, and thus get on with your day.
I have had my kids at suitable age 5 years plus make up there beds after getting dressed for breakfast.
To make it easier I had fitted sheets and just a fluffy and warm comforter
( no upper sheet) thus easier for the child to sweep the comforter on.

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@chyna How near do you like it?

For informational purposes, defining a made-up bed:

@janbb A “made up” bed doesn’t require washing or strip-washing; just pulling things up, over the fluffed pillows, and made neat,

People who wet the bed should change and wash everything.

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I define it as straightening, retucking, smoothing, so it poses no tangles or big wrinkly obstacles to sliding in at night.

In the discussion I was in earlier, people had so many reasons, like keeping cat hair out of the sheets, or having a good surface on which to fold laundry or change a baby. And yeah, some just wanted it to look neat. :-)

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I do hate tangled sheets, they need to be smooth. It’s not really a problem for me though, they tend to stay that way. New I wash them them in hot water and dry them on high heat so they shrink just a bit. They stretch so tight around the mattress that there is no room to wrinkle. We’ll make up the bed in the guest room but generally leave ours unkempt.

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The bed is made every morning. It is a pleasure to get in a freshly made bed every evening.

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I just have two thin blankets. So I make my bed while getting into it. Only takes 5 seconds.

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@Yellowdog I know! I meant neat. Hangs head in shame…

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I know too—I was joking : )

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I don’t. I’m just going to climb back into it tonight anyway…
And making a bed just allows the dust mites to assemble for a more vicious attack when you get back in…

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I don’t. On work days, I’m running late every day and on off days (weekends), I’m just lazy. I love hotels though, because I love the made bed every day.

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When it’s just me I make my bed 90% of the time. I don’t make it first thing in the morning, because I feel like it’s good to let the sheets air out, but before I leave the house I make it.

When my husband is home I make the bed maybe 20% of the time in the morning. I do straighten it a little before getting into bed at night if I haven’t made it early in the day.

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This question reminds me of a chart I had years ago when I was with my first husband. It accounted for how many calories were burned during various sex acts and other associated with sex.
It listed how many calories were burned while making the bed after, followed by the number burned making the bed while still in it.
It starts off seeming like it will be simple. Soon the task is revealed as being more taxing than a decathlon

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I can’t help myself.

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Yes and no. When I do, it’s because I don’t want dog hair anywhere but on top of the comforter (not that I love it there, either, but I do love the dog it’s “attached” to). Other reasons are that it looks nice, it makes me feel productive, and I’m less likely to immediately crawl back in.

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