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Portland, Oregon Bans Urinals Because Women Can't Use Them. Thoughts?

Asked by nightwolf5 (716points) 5 days ago

I just came across this article today. Though it’s currently just being done in this newly remodeled administration building, it sounds like the city of Portland also wants to start designing men’s restrooms to no longer have them.
I’m not sure on it. I see it as a little much, and somewhat of an inconvenience to some of us men. Do you think it’s really a need?

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LOL Silly. And expensive!

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Yes, I was thinking silly, and the cost too. I mean really.

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Edit: Enforcing this law will certainly put a strain on the economy.. For many people, the expense of redoing a restroom would make it too expensive to start up a new business there.

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It is beyond silly. It is a direct rejection of objective reality. There should be urinals in every unisex bathroom if merely to reduce the incidents of men peeing on the seats.

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Well at least I wouldn’t have to only stare at the wall in front of my face.

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No other invention can match the urinal for efficiently reducing the amount of stall time required by men.

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It is an ultra leftist action designed to try pushing the idea that there is no difference between men and women.

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Sincere question; what is left about this?

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Doesn’t make much sense does it?

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No real difference to me. I will use the toilet as a urinal. Piss will be all over the floor and seat. At least now I can piss with a stall. I don’t expect the process to be any slower. You will not go to jail if you don’t sit down.

And at least there are more options if I do have to take a shit. The theater I worked at had three toilets and 20 urinals. And maybe bathrooms will get cleaned more.

What we really need is shitting toilets and peeing toilets and everyone uses the same bathrooms. Dudes can stand and the ladies can hover on the peeing toilets (maybe those Asian squatting holes) and everyone can sit on the shitting ones.

And I live in Portland. Multi-gender bathrooms are already a thing here. Like at the bus station and the mall by my house.

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Urinals haven’t been banned in Portland. The redesign of one particular building doesn’t include urinals as they wanted flexibility to accommodate future changes.

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I also think the article is just talking about the one building, and I think it’s fine. I don’t think it’s costing much more money, except maybe for the new configuration of the bathrooms, but they were renovating anyway I assume.

I like the idea that little girls can go in a bathroom with their dad and not be confronted with men peeing in a urinal. Men usually come into the women’s room in these situations, which is fine too. I think the article said there will be family bathrooms though.

I like the idea that if the women’s bathroom has a long line women can go into the men’s room and not see men peeing in a urinal.

I’m not a man, but I would guess maybe some men like the idea that if they need to have a bowel movement it’s not obvious to everyone in the bathroom just because they went in a stall.

One negative will be not as many toilets will fit in the room as urinals.

Like I said, I’m not a man, so my opinion only means so much.

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Urinals are much neater for collecting liquid from a spray nozzle. They offer 3 big advantages:

Toilets splash and make a mess when liquid is deposited with force.
As anyone who either owns a nozzle or has tried to potty train a 2 year old boy can attest, the start up flow is not always where the device is aimed.
And best of all, they are non-contact.

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It’s a shitty thing to do.

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It is interesting to see how quickly some folks (one) jumped on the bandwagon to make it a political conspiracy. I predict this will be tweeted and retweeted and posted on “BreitBot” and a certain individual will rant “People are saying…”
Anyone want to bet against me?

Thanks @SavoirFaire for the info.

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”...Because Women Can’t Use Them”

False. I’ve seen a girl do it to avoid the long line for the lady’s room.

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I don’t like using urinals because I feel too exposed, but I don’t support banning them. Glad this turned out to be fake news.

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Women can use them. But they would be more usable to women if they were mounted flat on the floor, like the toilets in Japan.

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@gorillapaws It is amazing what a woman can pee in. I saw one win a pee-in-the-bottle contest once.

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There are ladies’ urinals, too. There is sort of a ‘bowl’ shape that comes forward Men can use ladies’ urinals without difficulty. Much easier than a mens’ But I’m not ready for entirely unisex restrooms unless they are small restrooms one uses by one’s self, with toilet, urinal, sink, and blow dryer or paper towels.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the amount of water used. A toilet takes several gallons to flush. Urinals vary, but some the amount of water is extremely small.

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