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What's the best way to hand wash this?

Asked by tinyfaery (42049points) 3 weeks ago


I usually try to avoid hand washing anything unless it’s small, like a bra or undies. This costume is huge and not very well put together.

Domestic divas or devos (bahahaha): how do I hand wash this and get all of the soap out?

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A huge bucket with lukewarm water and (hand wash) soap, delicately disturb it, get it out, double fold it, press the water out as much as possible (don’t wring out), empty bucket, rinse it, fill it with clean water, put dress in, pull it out, put it back, rinse repeat a few times, take it out, double fold it again, press water out.
Repeat one or two times.
A shower head might come in handy, to rinse the inside?
Hang out, with as little as possible water still in.

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I’d take it into the shower with me and wash it there.

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Do you have a delicate setting on your washing machine? They’re designed for this. Delicate wash in cold water, hang dry. I have had a lot of luck with some pretty delicate things that way. Obviously not heavily beaded stuff, but your squirrel looks like it would be OK.

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Are you nuts? Why on earth would you want to attempt to hand wash ANYTHING the size and complexity of that thing in this day and age? Why would you even own a thing like that, if you’re to be tasked with keeping it clean? If you are actually willing to attempt handwashing the thing, you should at least throw it in the machine for the spin cycles to remove the soap, then soak it in a tub of clear water, spin and repeat til the water tuns clear.

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Agree with @canidmajor. If it has buttons or anything, just use the mesh bag, but delicate works for most things like this.

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I agree with candimajor too. Delicate cycle, cold water, small load on you washing machine. Hand or lay flat to dry.

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It says to hand wash, @stanleybmanly. I’m not a masochist. And it’s a costume. I’m going to wear it at most once a year

I do have a delicate setting but my wife has a unicorn that is the same, she washed it on delicate and a lot of the seams came apart. Maybe the addition of the mesh bag will help. I just don’t want it to get ruined. I plan to wear this costume for many Halloweens to come.

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@tinyfaery The operative phrase is “not very well put together.” Dry clean?

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My mom always used Woolite and the delicate cycle on the washing machine. Then hang on te showerhead in the bathtub until it dries. It will drive fairly fast

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Do you have a soak cycle on your washing machine? Mesh lingerie bag would be best, but I’m thinking it won’t fit in one.

I think you can hand wash it as long as you can spin it in your washing machine to get a lot of the water out.

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A trained storm restoration company can hand wash your item with expert care. They clean and restore wedding dresses after a fire. So maybe you can ask them a quote on your item to be cleaned.
Also you can search YouTube for quick tips on delicate cleaning.
How to safely wash and store your Halloween Costumes

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Just fill the bathtub up about three inches in cold water. Use woolite. Wash it by hand as instructed.. Then lay it flat on a beach towel on top of a table to dry.

If you put it in a washer, even on the most gentle cycle, you run the risk of it falling apart.

The instructions are right there on the link. It really is not complicated.

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How is it falling apart? Is it at the seams? Or is the material itself falling apart?

If it’s the seams, I’d just reinforce the stitching. Then throw it in on the gentle cycle and tumble dry no heat.

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Tip: if you hand wash, and can’t spin it, you can ring out a lot if the water, sad then roll in a dry towel. The towel will absorb more of the water. Then you can dry your towels in the dryer.

I forgot to ask, what fabric is the costume made out of?

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Walmart has a mesh laundry bag. It’s the same mesh as the lingerie bag, but it’s about the size of a 13 gallon garbage bag. It’s only about two or three dollars. It has a drawstring. I wash larger things in it all the time, and I tie a knot in the drawstring so it doesn’t open up in the machine.

I would put the costume in there, and put it in the wash on cold or warm on a short cycle, or permanent press cycle.

if you don’t have a Walmart near you, i’m sure other stores would sell the mesh laundry bag.

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@jca2 That’s good to know. I’ve never seen one that large.

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@jca2 I’ve seen the larger bags at Big Lots and Dollar General. That reminded me so I checked. Yes, Amazon carries them too. This one is 19×22 for under $3.00 with next day delivery for Prime customers. They also have a multi-pack for around $14 which is 5 or 6 different sizes so you’ll have what you need when you need it

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The one at Walmart is larger than 19×22, @SEKA.

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And now I’m seeing this costume and all it’s friends everywhere! :-D

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I just wanted to wear pajamas to work.

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Tiny – the flying squirrel!

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I do wear pajamas to work.

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Delicate cycle in washer with mild detergent. Use more water than would be necessary for street clothes. Just let it gently agitate for one or two minutes, then empty the machine and do the same thing but without detergent. Hang or dry flat. If you have a front load machine, don’t use it. Wash it in the bathtub or hang it outside and wet it garden hose, spray detergent then spray with hose again. Do a couple of times.

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So I washed it in a lingerie bag on gentle, dried on low for about 10 minutes, and then hung to continue drying. No problems at all.

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