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How come Carter had to sell his peanut farm before becoming president, and Trump was allowed to keep his empire?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20606points) October 18th, 2019

As long as he wasn’t running it, is this fair?

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Same reason Al Franken is out there doing something and I don’t know what it is.

It is almost like one party, not the bible-thumping one, actually practices what they preach.

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DJ and Eric are running the companies. Trump resigned from over 400 titles upon becoming President.

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Carter had respect for the law and American traditional political behavior.

@KNOWITALL bullshit. That’s what they say.

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@elbanditoroso haha, I was waiting to see who’d call bs. I’m glad it was you.

As you can see from this article below, out of 19, there are several “promises kept” and a heck of a lot of “unknown”. Whatever you think of the man, you still need proof.

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Do you honestly think he was able to flip a switch in his glorious brain and never consider the finances of his kids in his decision making?

Think very carefully about how you answer this..

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@KNOWITALL 45 just awarded the location for the next G7 Summit to his own hotel. You think that was an accident? It’s not up to us to provide proof. It’s your responsibility to prove to us that he is not financially benefiting from his business empire while he’s president.

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trump never relinquished real ownership of any of his businesses. I think. He’s not dumb enough to give it all away to his kids yet. He may not be running it directly but he owns it.

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@Hawaii_Jake It’s not my responsibility to prove anything to anyone.

One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal system is that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

What do you think all these investigations are about, Jake?

The Mueller investigation alone cost $35 million. Sure hope it’s worth it. See link.

“So the last one, if comparable to the others, would make the final dollar amount of Mueller’s probe between $32 million and $35 million.”

Still cheaper than Clintons-
But the cost of Mueller’s investigation is much lower than previous ones. The investigation into President Bill Clinton from 1994 to 2002 cost approximately $69 million, and the investigation into Iran-Contra cost approximately $47 million, not adjusted for inflation, according to the Washington Post.

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The President is suppose to place any business interests into a blind trust. That means he has no involvement in or knowledge of their running during his tenure in office. That’s sure as shit not the case when he just hands his titles over to his boys.

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@KNOWITALL The cost of the investigations is utterly irrelevant. This is politics. You certainly do have the burden of proof if you want us to think 45 is clean as a whistle. And you’re ignoring @johnpowell‘s question.

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@Darth_Algar Then surely one of you can produce one link to one factual site proving it. Or is this just Dems spout opinions with zero links to anything? at least I’m making an effort…lol

@Hawaii_Jake Utterly irrelevant? That’s taxpayer funds!! Just remember you said that if Trump wins again.
Clean as a whistle? I certainly never said that. I despise both parties thoroughly.

He didn’t address his question to me, why would I answer it?

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Proving what? That he just put his kids “in charge” of his business interests instead of placing them in a blind trust? For god’s sake, are you now going against what your yourself just stated a few posts up?

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Carter had ethics.

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And teeth, don’t forget the big goofy teeth :D

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To answer the OP, Carter is an actual human being.

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Does anyone actually believe his sons don’t run things before good ole dad before they do anything?
It may not be in the board room but ole orange hair still calls the shots,his ego wouldn’t allow anything else.

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@Darth All I’m saying is that if he’s so outrageously blatantly criminal, make something stick for once and stop wasting our money.

The business aspect has a three person oversight team (I believe), one of which is an ethics rep, one finance, cant remember the other, sorry. People are looking for it, so I’m not going to assume its true. Haters gonna hate.

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@KNOWITALL I think the GOP leaders in House and Senate are really and REALLY looking over their shoulder with what he is doing. I know he says he is supports you personal views !

Signing G7 up at a money losing resort he owns.

LET THAT sink in HE signed UP ! ! ! Unilateral with nobody else involved; sending cash to his resort in financial trouble !

He is a mobster and gangster from NYC.

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@Tropical My personal views about what?

Anti-Trump rants bore me. Facts I’ll listen to, links I’ll read.

If the G7 upsets you, and your ‘team’ is already screaming, we’ll see what happens. More money down the drain, I’m sure.

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Deflection deflection @KNOWITALL. “It’s not my responsibility, it’s yours.
I know you are but what am I??”

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And he may of had his bimbos get abortions and then had them sign a non-disclosure agreement; like all of his staff. He afraid of the truth and all he can do is tell lies.

My “team” is not a turning the Kurds over to Turkey to be killed en mass and turn the USA Air Force base in Syria over to {PUTIN BFF of YOUR bozo)!

All he got was a building permit for a Trump Tower in Ankara Turkey from the President of Turkey for all the blood of the Kurds.

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Donny Jr just stated a few days ago that they all gave up their empire so daddy could run. Daddy says the 2 boys are keeping everything going. Carter didn’t “have to” give up his peanut farm. He was just honest enough to do it so there could be no chance of any impropriety. Carter was a one of a kind. He felt he wasn’t qualified to run because he had “lusted in his heart” over another woman. My guess is that he was the only true christian elected into office. The G7summit proves that trump hasn’t relinquished anything. The boys may appear to be running everything, but daddy is telling them how to run it

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@Dutchess Public speculation does not equal fact. Surely a logical thinker like yourself can see that.
I havent read up on the G7 rules, so I cant comment on potential rule breaking.

@Tropical Chill, its not in our control.

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Keep up the only argument you can fall back on.

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Okay so BOZO the the clown is your Hero @KNOWITALL ! !

It is under control for anyone that is old enough to vote and has “critical thinking”..

Support the Dictator if you want @KNOWITALL and hope you don’t become one of his target groups like the Kurds.

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I can’t believe how his base stays so loyal.
He would have no problem throwing absolutely anyone under the bus to save his orange hide, and yet his base still love him.

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Blows my mind too @SQUEEKY2. It’s…almost unfathomable. If our ancestors had been that gullible and stupid we would have never made it out of Africa.
Some compassionate person kept the ancestor’s of today’s trump supporters alive instead of letting nature take its course.

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trump fanatics are not complicated. The more you hate the truly hateful things trump is doing the more they would validate in their heads that they are in the right. Lol

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It is so insane. I would bet he has an intellectual IQ of 90 (he knows how to post on Twitter, after all), and an an emotional IQ of 60. He cannot make a direct correlation between his actions and people dying. Dying, raped first (even kids) then murdered. He can’t comprehend that it is HIS ACTIONS that laid bare the opportunity. ..Even worse, maybe he does know and he don’t care.
But the “Christians” back him.
Somebody go figure.
Thoughts and prayers y’all.

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Will Trump be building houses for low income families or golfing when he’s in his 90s?

What would Trump do after falling and getting stitches in his head? Throw paper towels at hurricane survivors?

Actions speak volumes.

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G7 doesn’t have specific rules on where they stay. If Carter had owned Mar-a-Lago, there would have been no way that the G7 Summit would have been happening there. The current incumbent is making sure he receives his pocket full of gold. He’s also charging us for his Secret Service detail who are paid to protect him when he goes home because they aren’t residents of the estate. The man would steal the pennies off his dead mother’s eyes

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Trump relinquished control of his companies to his sons. That doesn’t mean he has no say in anything associated with them or that they never ask him for advice.
For a stupid example, if I gave my kid my car and they ran it and I did not, don’t think he’d never come to me for answers about the car.

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@Aster “That doesn’t mean he has no say in anything associated with them or that they never ask him for advice.”

Just to be clear, are you saying that you think the President does still have a say in what goes on in the business and that his sons do ask him for advice sometimes?

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@Aster He should have put them into “blind trust” like the Presidents have for the last 40 plus years

When he withdrew the troops from Syria leaving the Kurds “high and dry” to the Turks, his company was trying to get approval to build a Trump Tower in Turkey. Duh !

Bozo is only in it for the money.

Oh his sons are high level advisors to the White House !

Duh !

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God. Hurry up with the impeachment and follow it up with YOU’RE FIRED!!

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