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Cardinals sign of afterlife or death?

Asked by slcasto4 (10points) 3 weeks ago
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I’m sorry, what exactly are you asking?

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They place a mirror under the mouth and check for breath, in the form of mist.

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My part of the world we always associate the recently departed to be stopping by in the form of a Male Cardinal to say hi and let us know they have settled in and are OK.

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I think they are just birds.

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A nice thought, a nice dream. But no reality.

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Cardinals use this method to confirm the passing of a Pope. To check for breath.

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Cardinals place a mirror under the mouth of the Pope and check for breath, in the form of mist. Cardinals use this method to confirm the passing of a Pope.

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The Phoenix Cardinals are playing like they are already dead.

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I’ve heard a lot of people say that once someone passes away and you see a cardinal after the funeral, that may be that person visiting you in some way

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I’m pretty sure they use qualified medical professionals and equipment. At least in modern times.

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Seems to be a misunderstanding of what you asked?
Cardinals are red birds.
Cardinals are the Popes attendants.
As for the question about birds appearing after a death, sounds like a family superstition that is handed down within the family and or community , so that all search for evidence as reassurance of the afterlife.
As if the departed had sent a message to the living….as per expectations before death?

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@Darth_Algar This is the Roman Catholic church we’re talking about. They only gave up Latin about 50 years ago. Are you sure they use modern techniques?

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I love those birds!
I’ve heard this before and I see them often so my question is why do these dead people keep bothering me?

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I love them as well since they are so rare around here.
Bluebirds as well…love the natural colors.
See Link: amazed at so many !

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@Inspired_2write -I love the photos. I saw something similar to this when I was a little girl. My mom called me to the window to look at a huge group of cardinals in a tree. They are so pretty!
Here are a pair of bluebirds for you.
My hub took that pic when I made him go on a wild goose chase to look for cranes. lol

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The universe’s natural state, is chaos.

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Judging by the most recent Papal death, yes.

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Beautiful Picture! Thanks for sharing.

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