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Why could there be two large temperature anomalies on this infrared map, despite the planet being destroyed, as if it came out the other side?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) November 23rd, 2019

Most of the map shows temperatures between -260 and -230°F, but there are two distinct areas where the temperature is significantly higher. The first one is to the left of the center, where temperatures reach as high as 2400°F. This is where the planet made impact. After that, there is a small break, where they cool off to about -140°F, before another area where they rise again to 1200°F. What caused the second anomaly?

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Would it be more clear if you would provide the map?

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Jeez, I asked my question in a confusing way… As if it came out the other side of WHAT?

Back on-topic…

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Since I don’t know how to edit the question…the question was SUPPOSED to be… (eye roll)... Why could there be two large temperature anomalies on this infrared map as if the planet that collided with the other planet somehow exited out the other side, despite the planet being destroyed upon impact?

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