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Have newspapers fired all their editors? Do they not proofread any more?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27549points) 2 weeks ago

Twice in the last three weeks I have noticed spelling, syntax, or wording errors in articles on the front page of the Atlanta newspaper. (Today’s was saying “medium income” instead of “median income” in an article about wealthy counties.)

Do newspapers no longer employ editors to proofread?

Are reporters doing their own editing without supervision?

It’s embarrassing to see these errors.

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Do you subscribe to the newspaper in question?

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Yes, and also read it online for the latest.

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I know exactly what you mean. This is from our Wichita Eagle from about 4 or 5 years ago. How can anybody even miss that?

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Big Steroid—I kind of like that

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The collapse of editorial standards is but the predictable death rattle accompanying the demise of print journalism. The emaciated frame of the wheezing former muscular and vital behemoth once so central to our existence now wastes away in front of us—the stark victim of revenue starvation. Rest in Peace.

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I would think that they had a software program that corrected mistakes before it is published?

Human error is too prevalent.

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Proofread? What is that? That must have been when we had actual journalists.

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It’s called “Spell Check” @Inspired_2write. That’s actually where most of the errors come from. Spell check doesn’t know the difference between and asteroid and a steroid.. We need human eyes on it.

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It’s awful, what has happened to printed material today. I was glad to see the online version of my hometown paper has a link to click to report spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, the websites for my local TV stations have the same thing. It’s all about paying less people and using voice recognition.

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There was a massive explosion at Hawker Beechcraft in Wichita. This is one of the reports on it, from“The autoclave exploded out at Textron. This is a very, very large piece of equipment. it was pressurized with nitrogen which is an inert gas. it’s not something that’s harmful, you’re breathing it right now. so as a result of that explosion, we don’t why it exploded,” says David Dennis.”…. Um. What? I guess we should be over the moon that who ever wrote this used the correct form of “you’re.”
Spell Check would not catch any of those errors @Inspired_2write, because everything is spelled right. The problem is it doesn’t make much sense.

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From the dang NPR, even!

Much Of The World Doesn’t Trust President Trump, Pew Survey Finds”

Does that mean they only asked people in church?

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Yes, the Pew Survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center!!!

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I often wonder this. As our local papers seem to have grammer errors and missing words all the time too. However I also notice this often in books to. It just goes to show how we are all people and just not perfect. Easier to notice when we are the ones reading and not writing, but yeah, where’s the proof-readers?. We have to wonder.

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I finally figured that out. NPR actually made a correction so that it read a little more clearly.

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@nightwolf5 – that’s ‘grammar errors’. (spelling)

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Oops, even I make mistakes.

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The proof readers are now greeters at Walmart, along with the rest of the English majors.

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Actually our Walmart no longer has greeters. I heard the company was getting rid of the greeter position, soon at all of them. :(

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