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Would you continue to date someone if you found out early on you were very attracted to their sibling?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10465points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

You find a nice match. Things get serious enough to bring you around their family. When you meet their sibling you sense an instant chemistry. Now what?

Be a grown up, and continue seeing the person. Or, figure out if it’s because the match you made isn’t really what you want, and politely split from the romance.

Be honest, tell them you like their sibling, hope they take it well since it’s not a very old relationship.


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Just because on initial attraction doesn’t mean compatibility.
Yes continue to date .
” A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” speaks well of this scenario.

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Of course I would continue dating them. How else am I going to arrange that threesome?

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@inspired_2write if the shoe was on the other foot what would you want the person to do.

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I’m attracted to the person I’m dating right? Of course I keep dating him. It’s not like you start dating someone and no one else is ever attractive to you. It just doesn’t matter that you feel an attraction. You might be a little flirty, but your allegiance and bond is with your SO.

You can send a signal that you would never cheat or leave and it shuts down any extreme flirting. You just cool off the flirting and the dynamic has a slight shift.

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Be an adult and learn to control yourself. Just because you feel an attraction to them doesn’t mean they will feel an attraction to you. Once you get to know them better, you might find that you’re only attracted but don’t really like the person they are. In time, you could easily realize that the one you thought of leaving is the better catch of the 2

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I’m dating, not dead. lol
There are plenty of people out there who are attractive.So what?
If I am dating someone, I am not going to hit on his brother.

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Just because of initial attraction doesn’t mean that they would become a couple.
I am not a possessive person, everyone makes choices and some the wrong choices.

If I had a partner that felt that way I would hope that he could discuss it openly with me, otherwise if he wanted to pursue that attraction , then by all means do so but know that I will not stay with him, since he would be a fickle person who would be swept up with anyone so easily, then he is not the right one to enter into a relationship at this point.

He is his own person and to be possessive is not a sign of a mature loving relationship nor of a lasting one either.

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As has already been pointed out above, being attracted does NOT a relationship make!!! I also feel that communication is the key to any good relationship; so you might think about mentioning it to your partner & see how they respond. That way they can be honest with you about how they feel about what’s going on. IF you’re not engaged, I’d just force myself to be more mature & realize that it’s more of a crush a 13 y/o would have & less of something serious that will lead to cheating…then make SURE that you NEVER cheat with this person!!! You’re the ONLY one who can control yourself, so do it well!!!

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I wouldn’t continue dating him.

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