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Do you believe details in Bolton’s manuscript will influence the results in the current trial of our stable genius?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) January 27th, 2020 from iPhone

Or will they figure in the NEXT impeachment?

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Look at your question.

I think most Americans, and certainly the Senate, are seeing your side for what it is.

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Both sides have already made up their mind, before the process.
Teflon Trump will come out unscathed.
Or at least that’s how he will see it (and most of his backers).

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You know he is guilty. The Senate knows he is guilty. Everyone knows he is guilty.
But you, and the rest of the reps pretend that he is innocent.

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I don’t understand how other wise normal people condone trumps lying day after day. And want someone like that leading our country. SMH.

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In the impeachment trial, the Republicans seem to be accepting that Trump wanted the Bidens investigated, and appear to be justifying that as a requirement for the Ukraine to receive aid. They are trying to make the case that Hunter Biden was part of a corrupt scheme and that Joe Biden put pressure on the Ukrainian prosecutor after he started investigating Burisma. Given this approach, it would not seem to make much difference whether Bolton is allowed to testify.

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If this were a normal country with a normal president, then the Bolton information would be devastating.

But as we can see (view @Yellowdog ‘s response) this sort of revelation from Bolton doesn’t make a difference because of the republican brainwashing that has taken place.

Oh, how I wish for a return to an honest government…

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Possibly. I think a few of the Reps are ready to lay it all out on the table and see what shakes out, at this point. Poor Mitch doesn’t like that, but it’s inevitable.

Or it may not matter:

On Monday, Mr. Sekulow sidestepped the allegations detailed in Mr. Bolton’s manuscript, saying the legal team couldn’t deal with speculation or “allegations that are not based on evidentiary standards at all.” Alan Dershowitz, another member of Mr. Trump’s team, said that even if Mr. Bolton’s allegations were true, they wouldn’t “rise to the level of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense.”

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If Obama or Clinton had done the same thing, Republicans would have called it an abuse of power or an impeachable offense.
If Republicans really want the truth, they would demand witnesses. They don’t want the truth. They want to proceed with blinders on.
I think some of them really want trump out, but don’t want it public that they would oust him. I think they prefer waiting for the election and hope the voters do not re-elect him.

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If those who can make the choice choose to see and hear the evidence, then there is a greater possibility that it will matter. If the evidence doesn’t get presented, then the question is presented, ” what are they afraid of???”

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On the social medias I’ve already seen Trump cultists trying to paint Bolton as a liberal agent, so…

(Certainly the Mustache of War is the first person I think of when I think of “liberal.)

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@elbanditoroso The evidences against the Bidens that has been presented to the Senate is not from right-leaning sources, and certainly not “brainwashing.” They have included the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Ukraine law enforcement, and the State Department.

The information in the Bolton manuscript was evidently not available in December, and does not contain anything new, except now you are saying he is a reliable witness.

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@Yellowdog have you read the Biden manuscript?

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@elbanditoroso I’m sure he hasn’t since the Senate has not and are frothing about it.

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This is what I mean about the nonstop accumulation of incriminating evidence. It doesn’t matter if Trump slips the hook this time. By the time the Senate acquits him there will be more than a preponderance of evidence acquired justifying the next impeachment. Already the criminal investigation of Parnas has revived the Russian collusion issue. It now appears that Parnas was the conduit through Giuliani for a million dollar donation to Trump’s 2016 campaign. The money’s been traced back to a (surprise surprise) Russian kleptocrat.

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@Yellowdog What is the relevancy of Biden in Ukraine, with an impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump?

Are you saying Trump did Quid Pro Quo but okay ‘cause he’s Republican and anti middle of the road politics ? ? ?

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And to add to the above, it was Biden’s don, not him.

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Biden plainly did what you are accusing Trump of, even bragged about it, and regular news stories carried the story for almost two years. And there is no evidence that anything even remotely similar was expedited by Trump.

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What Joseph and Hunter Biden did or didn’t do is not relevant here. Neither are public officials. If they have committed any wrongs then that is a matter for the applicable courts, not the US Senate.

“But __ did __…” is not a valid defence in kindergarten, it’s not a valid defence when you’re pulled over for speeding and it’s sure as shit not a valid defence for the President of the United States.

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If you are paying attention to the impeachment hearings, what Joe Biden did is what was being investigated by the Trump administration. The Democrats are saying Trump made a “quid pro quo” to announce an investigation into this. There is no evidence of any such deal that an investigation was done in exchange for aid, although the Ukraine president Zelensky did mention the Bidens.

As I’m sure you are assuming its true, the question would be whether there is warrant for such an investigation, which it is very plain that it is.

You have a compliant news media saying, at every turn, that it is a ‘conspiracy theory’ and has been ‘debunked.’ Which, of course, there is very visible and plain evidence for, and has never been looked into.

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@Yellowdog I figure you are making things up !

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Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann today at the senate trial. Were you watching?

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Trump is guilt as HELL you know it!

You’re afraid the Democrats will take things back to where they were with Obama with clean air and water and less fighting with our allies.

I’d be afraid Trump will siphon SSA money and other disability money to building his Phallic symbol, the southern wall.

STOP SPELLING Senate as senate!

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I almost feel sorry for the Trump apologists and their hopeless cause. There is no longer any containing of the catastrophe of Trump’s undoing. The thing that is missed while concentrating on this particular impeachment trial is that we fail to consider the actual sweep of accusations and charges facing Trump. The length and breadth of the list is now absolutely staggering. The resulting turmoil around the ceaseless revelations on our fool’s machinations has reduced the executive branch to a state of bubbling turmoil. The Republican party meanwhile finds itself wedded to the fate of its implacable turd and the growing realization that the party’s viability must follow stinky’s trip down the drain.

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Republican political clowns influenced by the truth? Hardly likely but even clowns had to remove their scary make-up once in a while yes?

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Out of curiosity – there is ample evidence of Trump’s malfeasance. It is out there. Piles and piles of it. But at every pile you and those like you squeeze your eyes shut, cover your ears and scream “no evidence, no evidence!! Liberal conspiracy!! Witch hunt!!”. So I ask: what standard of evidence would be convincing to you? Would you even accept Trump himself standing before the Senate and saying “I did it”?

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Did what, @Darth_Algar ?

There are no crimes here. Not even an accusation of one.

Even the events you are alleging don’t seem to have any evidence for. And have been done by other presidents and vice presidents since 2014.

This will go down as one of the greatest, most ridiculous political blunders in American history.

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You’re wrong. This is going down for just what it appears: the most extensive and egregious example of political a malfeasance and corruption in the history of this country. The man’s name is already a synonym for ethical turpitude. And the staggering array of charges awaiting his indictment and prosecution puts the fool in a class of criminality all by himself

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Yep, “lalalala….I can’t hear you…”. About the response I expected.

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