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Is this a totally wacked out theory, or could there be something to it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27693points) 3 weeks ago

Corona virus and Wuhan.

Here’s my theory. You can tell me just how nutty is it:

Fact: the US is in a world-wide struggle with China, about trade, commerce, intellectual property, and a whole host of other things.

Fact: China has a growing economy and is expanding its global influence.

Fact: The US has a stagnant economy and is, under Trump, purposely diminishing its global stature and influence.

Fact: Trump likes to show his power, either by flexing his muscles (assassinating Soleiman) or by weakening others.

Fact: the coronavirus is significantly reducing travel to China

Fact: the coronavirus is keeping millions of people out of work, staying home because of the virus

Fact: the Chinese people are not happy with Xi and how he has handled the virus, beginning to weaken his dictatorial power.

Suppose that the whole coronavirus was not natural, started by a snake biting a bat, but rather a clever US biological warfare plot to weaken the Chinese government and economy?

Am I totally nuts?

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The only thing missing from making this a nuts theory is if the snake had been biting the bat on a grassy knoll.

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If we were that good at cutting edge bio tech, we wouldn’t be losing ground against treatment resistant bacteria and viruses.

Fact: Viruses like this happen in China from time to time

Fact: Shit happens

Fact: Our lack of a fully formed police state might actually put us at a significant disadvantage combatting the viruses spread here, as opposed to China.

Fact: Xi gonna keep Xiing

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Governments, no there are just too many vectors when messing with this sort of thing that can quickly fly out of control. But any corrupt pharmaceutical outfit capable of introducing a “new” pathogen stands to rake in billions if it can develop an antidote as it designs the disease itself. And as such technology spreads and evolves, the organization and logistics required for such an endeavor decreases markedly. Opportunities abound in our brave new world & scenarios like this are surely ahead for some clever psychopath to rake in billions AND a Nobel prize.

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Fact: If the Trumpster did it he would be boasting about it right now.

“It was the best virus. Perfect. People are saying this is the best one ever.—And the impeachment is a witch hunt.”

Not a chance. But It do like they way you’re thinking. :-).

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It’s not impossible but unlikely.

They limit their own population growth so losing more people may actually strengthen them. Think North Korea, as an example.

We’d also be violating some big agreements with many countries, using that tactic. That’s a war crime I believe.

@smashley Great answer, made me laugh.

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I would like to think Trump and his hench men aint that smart.
And like @LuckyGuy said if Trump was responsible for it he would be tweeting about it .

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Ya can’t get Corona Virus from drinking Mexican cerveza (beer).

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The US? Isn’t it probably more like the Chinese Communist Party showing its own mainland people who may have “certain notions of that freedom thingy” and yes, especially those Democracy loving Hong Kong residents that….you know….“things happen.”

Sometimes a virus can develop and spread without warning and despite the “best efforts” of their goverment, tens of thousands or…oh boy, millions could die just like that? What is 14 million dead people when you have 1.4 billion?

Btw, trump did spread the MAGA virus and it’s still running wild in the US. The disease is now heavily concentrated at the US Republican Senate offices.

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I think you’re out there flapping.
Nutsiecookoo. Not even a theory. Not much of a hypothesis.
The Corona Virus IS natural and has been around for decades so it can’t be Trump’s doing.

Oh and FYI:
The US economy is booming.
The Chinese economy is not booming.

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You could have something there. But keep in mind Johnston’s Rule: “Murphy’s law is ALWAYS in effect and, if given enough occasion, it can affect YOU.” Or them. Or anybody. The point of Johnston’s Law is that no one is exempt from the possibilities of Murphy’s Law.

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Coming from the US does not mean POTUS is necessarily in the loop.
Observe what pharma finds the antivirus quickest.

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Sorry, you’re totally nuts. Zoonotic infections are extremely common and I’m not surprised by the outbreak (if you can call it that) whatsoever.

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I think you will have to try a bit harder for a better conspiracy theory .
But anything we can blame ole orange hair for is ok,but this aint it.

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This kind of theory is only fun when you’re drunk and joking around with your friends.

This isn’t much of a theory when you’re sober.

Are you plastered, @elbanditoroso?

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@elbanditoroso “Is this a totally wacked out theory, or could there be something to it?”

The former.

@elbanditoroso “Am I totally nuts?”


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I think there are some flaws in your facts and that kinda kills the entire theory. I suspect this is just a bad virus that nature created to cull the population. That’s my weird theory. I think Ma Nature creates nasty bugs periodically to help reduce the population.

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I think you’re nuts.

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You’d have a significant portion of the country believing you if you said Hillary did it.

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It would not be smart, to use a virus, to weaken an enemy. It would inevitably, make it’s way here.
Which it has…

It will likely spread, until a vaccine is created. Germ warfare, is foolish. Unless you already have a vaccine.

The Chinese, have close relationships with fish, and poultry. This is why they are vulnerable to viruses crossing zoological barriers.
It’s highly unlikely that the US, has anything to do with it.

Germ warfare, is like setting a fire. It’s unpredictable, as to how it will spread. I would like to think, our defense department, would know that.

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This was sent to me the other day..interesting developments.
You may have a bit of truth in your theory?Apparently its being going on for years.(China Lab)

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^Both interesting, and disturbing. Sadly, not surprising…
Maybe human beings, are actually the worst virus…

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