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How do i install the wallpapers and applications that i download on my macbook?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) August 31st, 2008

in the apple web, thay have a lot of stuff to download and install on the macbook, bit i cant find the way to do so, i tried but cant, help please, or a link would be good, thank you.

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When downloading using Safari or Firefox, the Mac downloads these files to a default location. For Safari it’s your Downloads folder; for Firefox it’s the desktop.

You can change where each web browser downloads to, by going to that applications Preferences. IAC, if you have downloaded a file, from within your web browser you can reveal a window called the downloads window (in safari it’s accessible from the windows menu); when you see that window, you can either double-click on the icon for the download,or click on the little magnifying glass icon next to the download file; this will take you to the download file and will either launch the installer for that download or will reveal it in a finder window.

Once you see the downlad file (usually it’s a .dmg file which stands for “disk image”), double-click on it to launch the installer app and follow the instructions. You will be prompted for an admin password to execute the install.

In the case of desktop wallpaper, those files are also saved to the downloads folder in most cases; once you locate them in a finder window, move them to your Documents/Pictures folder. Once they’re in there, click once on your desktop then right-click (or control-click) your mouse and choose “Change Desktop Background” to bring up the desktop preference and then in the left-hand column choose “pictures folder” from that list, and you will see all your pics that live in the Pictures Folder. Also another way to get to those preferences are to go to your dock and choose the preferences (sprocket in a box icon).

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That was nice. 2late, also check the Apple site for a great series of how-to videos.

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An easier way to set our wallpaper from safari is simply Ctrl+Click/Right Click an image and choose “Use Image As Desktop Picture”

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