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You're just asking for trouble, when has this been said to you, who was it & perhaps most importantly, why?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 15th, 2020

The wife asked if she could cook dinner tonight, I said yeah sure…what could possibly go wrong?

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My husband has said similar about me trying to be helpful to his family. You just can’t win with them, better to just keep your distance.

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I’ve heard that before for various things. :D

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Open wide.
Not saying who, but not my dentist.

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I was being way too promiscuous and I was sleeping with a married woman. It was my parents that told me this. I of course just couldn’t break it off. Just being with her gave me a high I had never felt in my life. I liked who I was when I was with her. Aside from the cheating part, I was a better person when I was with her.

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@Patty_Melt I notice you also didn’t mention what was supposed to be opened wide!

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I was dating a girl once. My friends started referring to her as Psycho-kitty. One of them told me I was just asking for trouble by staying with her. He was right, but thankfully I managed to extricate myself before too much damage was done.

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My dad used to throw that out just every so often & he always followed it with a balled up fist saying “And I’m going to give it to you”. He NEVER hit me nor my brother, but he usually just threatened us!!!

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