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Why do ladies protect their breasts i mean fold their arms/?

Asked by BEVINN (1points) September 1st, 2008


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Because they don’t want people like you touching them!

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Why do men protect their balls?

It’s hurties if they get prodded.

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it’s just a learned habit generally when women are cold. but you may want to be a little more specific in your question.

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true dat, charlie

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Men do it too. Folding the arms across the chest is a classic “body language” expression, in both genders, of what is often referred to as a “closed” attitude. It indicates that one is apprehensive, anxious, defensive, not open to interchange. If women do this more than men, I would suspect that it’s because they are more often the objects of unwanted advances or otherwise put in defensive situations. They’re protecting their personhood more than their mammary gear.

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That body language suggests they feel like someone is gawking at their twins…might that be the case?

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Why do women do ANYTHING they do?!

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