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Care to catch a glimpse at another kind of existence?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15203points) 1 week ago

I’ve been seeing lots of mention about isolation, boredom, inconvenience during the efforts to stop the viral spread.
Welcome to my world. If you would like to know how it is to be middle aged, mobility challenged, and sane, join me with this challenge.
Write down all the activities you can think of which you can, should, will, and want to do during self isolation. Include all, not just favorites.
You can share your list here if you want.
Monday night I will tell you what to do with the list.
In the meantime, you can post happy thoughts.
Any posts which are political in any context will be flagged as flame bait. Happy thoughts need to not make anyone angry or hurt.

Happy house arrest, jellies!

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I can finally organize and do my taxes.
I can clean the basement .
I can toss out all those old papers that have been accumulating in the attic. Taxes from 1974!
Open a few boxes from my parents home that they left here in 1981!
Organize my childhood pictures.

Or maybe I will do nothing….

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Clean the frig out of all the pickle jars and other things (must have ten jars of pickles and jalapeno), probably do the freezer side too.
Finish home security system cameras.

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I’d love to play, but unfortunately I still have to work. Beer doesn’t deliver itself.

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Go with hypothetical.

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Household chores.
Teach the dog to follow me around the house on her hind legs.
Bible study.
We’re waiting for the weather to warm up so we can seal the granite countertops. I won’t do it without a breeze carrying the stink away.
I’m keeping track of new flowers coming up in the yard of our new house.
I have found a few farmers’ fields where I can walk the dog.
We’ve been up in the attic, and it’s got a lot of trash up there. I want to get rid of it.
Clean the camper which is parked in the driveway.
That’s all I can think of for now.

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Already did the Spring cleaning in my living room now to get to the kitchen and bedroom and storage rooms.

Have already pruned, fertilized all my houseplants.

Reorganized the living room furniture for plants to receive more Sunlight in front of my window.( this is seasonal job).

Read several books and on computer editing photographs etc tried of sitting so that is why
I am reorganizing the apartment.

Cant take things to the Thrift shop nearby as its closed now due to this virus outbreak so will have to throw out into the garbage bin.

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Oh! I’m playing Villiagers and Heroes Reborn, and having a ball!

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I may paint, tired of these walls.

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I’d be doing pretty much what I already do. Work out in the yard, walk the dog around the neighborhood, have the neighbor over for a beer on the front porch (keeping 6’ away from each other)...not a lot of difference here.

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I talk to others with MS on another site.
Some are home-bound while others are more mobile. Most, if not all are staying home as of late, getting things done that they can get done.
I am not hearing much in the way of panic even though most are on immunosuppressant drugs and would have reason to be concerned.
Their outlook is what I like most about them.
As for my list of things to do. It’s a long one but it’s like that on any given day . —whether or not I do them is another story—-
My list includes outside stuff like painting, garden chores. Inside stuff is cleaning my studio and getting commission work done.
Today though, I will get outside with my husband & dog, take a few photos and freeze my ass off even though it’s bright and sunny here.

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Organize and throw out paperwork that isn’t filed away.

Create a new zumba routine once a week.

Finish the taxes for the company I work for.

Lose 10 pounds.

Figure out how to put some of the lectures that I usually attend online. I’m thinking of using Facebook live.

Work on a topic to present at one of those lectures. Previously, I’ve presented birthright citizenship.

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Clean my room

Finish my embroidery projects

Get a pass for the bike trail and go biking (not isolation but it wouldn’t be with others)

Start a better diet (all fast food is difficult to get at with lines going to the street)


Write/ journal (and ACTUALLY KEEP UP WITH IT)

Learn to use my sewing machine

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So, look over your list.
Anything which involves carrying something up or down stairs, cross it out.

Anything which requires reaching above your head, cross it out.

Anything that involves driving somewhere, cross it out unless you can get a ride, free.

If it is something you can do sitting, that’s fine.

If it requires two hands while standing, if you can do it propped on crutches and leaned against a solid support. If it takes longer than fifteen minutes, cross it off unless you can take thirty minute breaks between fifteen minute efforts.

If you plan to eat anything that you have to cook, even in the microwave, remove one item from what remains of your list.
For each thing on your list that you did yesterday, take off one thing for today.

How did we do?

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@Patty_Melt Sounds familiar to me in many ways, depending on all sorts of unpredictable & very predictable stuff.
Some days are worse than others but that makes me appreciate the good ones all the more.
The things people bitch about are astonishing to
I hope you have someone around to help.

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I used to have good days sometimes, but I think that is gone. Now I have bad days and worse days.
I hang on to hope. It is wearing thin.

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@Patty_Melt -
Have you looked into online groups that you can talk to people in the same boat?It really helps to speak with someone who goes through the same thing.
The people I talk with are like a breath of fresh air and have a very good understanding of the specifics of MS.
Sometimes I’ll see a rant and I get that but who better to talk to than someone who goes though the same shit?
On the flip side, I have read some of the funniest things ever! I love these people! :)
The interesting thing to me is their general attitude about life.They deal with adversity very well. IMO.
Look into groups that deal with what you’re going through. You might find one you like.

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I have one on FB.
Most of them have the same thing as me. We name our convulsion types/styles. The site host posts a lot of funny, clever, inspirational memes.

Woman sprawled on a sofa. Caption: Shopping sounded like a good idea. Then I remembered i would actually have to put on clothes and leave the house.

I haven’t been on FB much lately.

My mood stays up pretty well most of the time. Right now I’m having the herky jerks, and m in a lot of pain.

I just wanted people get a concept of what some of us live with. For me, and many others, every day is house arrest, for a bunch of years.

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@Patty_Melt – I am glad you have others to talk to.
There’s a few people that blog about their experiences and it pretty interesting.Do you do that?

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Do you mean me blogging? I don’t really understand that. Is that the YT videos?
I have wanted to post on YT, but for something else. I don’t know how.
Or do you mean keeping FB updates? It feels lonely and sad to post some kind of online journal.
Mostly I don’t like to talk about it. When I was Jonesn4burgers I represented myself as how I would be if this never happened to me.
I only posted this Q because some of the members in my FB group were commenting about how difficult people claimed to be finding life dursocial distancing, and how clueless they seemed to be about people living like that all the time.
I decided because of that to raise a little awareness here.

Do you blog?

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@Patty_Melt – You could post your thoughts within a site of like minded people.
I imagine the feedback you’d get would be postive.
When I am reading the thoughts of others on the one I go to, they are not limited to just things related to MS.
I get your reasons for posting this Q. You are helping others to understand what you go through on a daily.
I believe there is a need for that kind of understanding.Appreciation & gratitude is a big deal.
I don’t blog. I really hate to type and make a huge amount of typos which I hate to fix even more.Lol
I try to save most of my dexterity for artwork.

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@Patty_Melt Thank you for the eye-opening post.
We of good health do not realize the gift we’ve been given.
Thank you for helping me appreciate the situation of others not so fortunate.

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<3 <3 <3
(((hugs))) to @Patty_Melt!

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