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How many lives would have been saved if we taught social distancing properly before the Covid19 arrived in Canada and the USA , and the world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16784points) 1 month ago

For next time? For me the next time that I hear that the next outbreak is low I’m going to buy necessities, like a madman, or before the next crisis. Or even when every thing is fine.

In Canada the government said that their is a low chance of infection, early on when social distancing would have helped greatly. What a load of B.S.! The false sense of security cost lives.

Should we make social distancing education and hygiene methods mandatory for everyone. Starting now?

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There’s no way to know, because before it came to North America, our governments wouldn’t have been able to make a cogent case for distancing. And even now, people are ignoring the principle all over the place. People don’t change behavior voluntarily, except in extreme instances. And they sure don’t do it because some Chinese were dying a couple months ago.

How do you make good hygiene mandatory? It’s a smart idea, but do you put a policeman in every bathroom and at every sink? Again, people change behaviors because they perceive a personal threat. They won’t be coerced. And even then, some will ignore the law, just like they do for everything else.

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@elbanditoroso How do you make good hygiene mandatory? Starting in Kindergarten. If they don’t do that also now.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – no, you teach habits in kindergarten. And you hope that they stick as the kid grows up.

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@elbanditoroso Ok. What do you suggest?

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Mankind wouldn’t exist.

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@kritiper So long term social distancing is not ideal?

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No. Not ideal and not practical.

99% of the time it is not necessary. Maybe if people weren’t such dipshits for that 1% we would be in better shape.

Shit.. Three weeks ago in Italy they were making people show papers if they were out and if you didn’t have a good reason to be out you could be fined. Italy is still fucked. We are really doing nothing here to prevent the spread.

This is going to be a nightmare.

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Look at Taiwan and South Korea for examples.

Taiwan does not have an epidemic. South Korea was hit hard early and smothered the virus.

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@Call_Me_Jay GA! Thanks.
What can we learn from South Korea, and Taiwan? Is it because they are obidiant citizens and experts in pandemics and mask wearing?

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@RedDeerGuy1 :: That would be a reasonable interpretation.

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@johnpowell I am in my element. My wanting to be a thriving shut-in. I just have rent utility’s and food. I am still hungry but I have enough food for till next week.
The 1% of the time where I seem normal.

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Same here. I moved into my sisters basement 18 months ago because of chemo. I have a kitchen and bathroom down here and nobody ever comes into the basement. I’m built to be a hermit. Not that much has really changed for me.

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Probably none. They’d just die at a different times.

Look, this thing acts like the common cold in many ways. It’s as easy to catch as the common cold and it’s as wide spread. Who can “hide” from a cold?
The common cold is, actually, a strain of coronovirus, and once you get a particular virus you are immune. However, there are about 40 different viruses that cause colds and everyone gets all of them at some point in their lives. That is why you see little kids with runny noses all the time, and older people very, very rarely.
With covid19, everyone is going to get it, sooner or later (unless we get a vaccine in place.) We’re just trying to do a controlled burn here, so we don’t over whelm out medical infrastructure.

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