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Are there maintenance things you just don’t care about while staying inside?

Asked by JLeslie (58948points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Most countries are under either advisories or orders to stay inside due to COVID19.

What don’t you care about or aren’t doing while under these orders? Some examples are: not dying your hair, not fertilizing your lawn, not painting your nails, not shaving, not changing into street clothes, not putting on make-up…

Essential and nonessential workers are both included on this Q.

Do you like not bothering with some of it? Do you want some of these things to continue even if C19 disappears forever?

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I’ve been “working from home.” When I go shopping, I don’t bother putting my contacts in (because they say eyeglasses are like goggles to keep the virus out, somewhat) and I don’t wear makeup. My hair is dyed and I just had it done about three weeks ago, so for now it’s ok. Maybe in a month or two I’ll be mortified by it but if I don’t have to go to work then nobody’s really seeing it anyway.

I am not putting jewelry on when I go out.

If I’m home, I’m wearing non-street clothes, whether it’s pajama pants or sweat pants. If I go out, then I always will wear street clothes, which for me is always jeans.

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I’m good at house cleaning. But I never get around to cleaning walls. The though of it put me into a stupor.

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I am with you on that washing of the walls etc

Not required, as I see many are acting out of fear.

This action is causing others to remain afraid unnecessarily since we are all self isolating and following procedures.

In our building our regular manager meeting is now reduced to updated letters shoved under our doors with the specific notation to throw out the letter after reading????

People are too paranoid!

Yesterday the manager ordered the cleaning lady to “throw out” all the books on the hallway bookshelves!

Reading is a way to escape and this now has the effect of scaring some!

I think that our young manager is going a bit too far on this one, unless there is a reason that someone “is” infected, but if so we would had been quarantined?

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I don’t want to fix the dock and my hair is wild.

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I don’t do my hair or makeup unless I’m going to video call with someone. I don’t usually wear much makeup to begin with, just some mascara and concealer the majority of the time, but when I’m home I don’t wear any and I’m more lenient about how much cat hair I can tolerate on my clothes. I like painting my nails weekly and I do that for my own enjoyment. I’m probably not going to mulch this year, even though my beds need it really bad, I’m just nervous to spend any money on things that aren’t crucial.

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I told my wife I was not going to shave again until all this is over.
That did not go down well :D
I was “ordered” to shave yesterday after two weeks of growth.
Can you tell she is the boss?

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A bit of the opposite. This house have never been more productive. Normally we don’t give a fuck about anything. I have cleaned tons. Hundreds of hours of yardwork has been done. My sisters husband has started building a fence around our stupidly large front yard. I believe this might be for naught since it is a watershed and the city will eventually notice and lose their shit.

Hygiene has plummeted! Alcoholism is intensifying! Power-tool use is experiencing exponential growth! Lord help us..

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