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What have you stocked up on for the siege and find that you're not using?

Asked by Jeruba (55757points) April 12th, 2020

Did you do some early panic buying of items that you’re turning out not to want or need?

What is now piled up in your pantry or cellar or garage that’s going to be a bonanza for shelters and donation barrels when this thing is past?

And how many boxes of powdered instant mashed potatoes can one shelter use anyway?

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There’s only one possible candidate: I bought some boiled potatoes in a jar. I don’t know if I’ll use them anytime soon, but they just seemed so convenient and interesting.

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No I’m quite happy with how I am provisioned and am going through my stores quite well. A little bored with having some of the same suppers over and over again but I don’t have much that I’m not using.

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Nothing yet, and only Trump thinks it will be over in two and a half weeks. I’ve got canned goods and cans for ten more weeks.

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We’re not the panicky types and have stockpiled nothing.

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In my pantry my soups have been sitting, although I know I will eventually eat them. I have double in soup what I would usually have. Lentil, chicken and stars, southwest chicken, beef and vegetable, to name a few. I don’t even like canned soup that much anymore with the exception of the lentil, but I have to water it down. It’s all too salty to me now. Everything else we have been using up.

My fridge and freezer are 80% empty. It was full, but we have been eating through everything. I was planning to shop today, but it seems the store I wanted to go to is closed for Easter. I thought I was clever to go in the morning when people would be watching mass and services, but I out smarted myself. Luckily, I thought to check before driving over. I’m glad they gave the employees Easter off. The only thing I’m bothered about is no veggies in the house for my husband except a frozen concoction of veggies and grain.

I’m planning to spring clean the fridge tomorrow since I’m basically down to nothing.

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My MIL has been giving us food the food bank gives her that she doesn’t eat. I am now overstocked on peanut butter, spaghetti, macaroni, and packages of various beans. I’m thinking of taking them back to the food bank.

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Nothing. I buy a lot at Costco, so I mostly have lots of stuff that I will eat, in regular life as well as quarantine.

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I haven’t needed as much toilet paper :-)

I had stocked up on meat and pork, and I’m not going through them as fast as anticipated. However, I am eating more greens than I had expected.

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My first day of “working from home” was 3/19 and on that day, I went to Costco and Shop Rite. Among the things I bought that I haven’t used yet was a 25 lb bag of rice ($10, Costco), and 8 small-ish containers of powdered creamer (for the coffee) ($8 or 10, Costco). At that point, the news outlets were talking about people possibly having to stay home for two weeks straight, and so in my shopping, I figured for those two items, they’d be good to have in the house, would not go bad if things returned to normal sooner than expected, and the outlay of money for them was not too significant.

I’m not a big meat eater so I can go a long time without having meat in the house or craving meat. Basically I want milk in the house for the coffee, coffee, tea, fruit, bread and some fun snack foods and I’m good.

I bought two 30 roll things of toilet paper in the two weeks prior to the closure of everything, and then at Costco two weeks ago, I bought another 48 roll package. I’m all set with that and I calculate it should last until around Christmas. If anybody I know says they’re low, I tell them they can have some of mine if they want to. Nobody’s taken me up on it yet.

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Nothing really, maybe beans. But I am eating them, just probably have more than I need (but I sort of expected that as I didn’t know how to anticipate how long I’d be out of work or potentially low on food.) Right now my fridge is almost totally empty, I don’t have an overabundance of anything in particular.

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All the textbooks that I bought to read during the crisis.

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@longgone Those potatoes in a jar make a really good potato salad. Just add mayonnaise, pickle, garlic, celery, onion, boiled eggs, and bacon.

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Not a stockpile. But we are well stocked on medication. Only purchased at the insistence of my sister who is a pharmacist.

Really hoping they’re still unused when this pandemic is over. Won’t consider it a waste. Will consider it lucky.

(Already gave children’s Tylenol to someone who needed it.)

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@YARNLADY Potato salad, that’s a good idea. Especially as it’s getting warm here. Thanks!

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