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Do you see the blue snark banner, when you give a GQ or GA, or follow a question?

Asked by Brian1946 (28376points) April 13th, 2020

When I give a GQ or GA, I get thrown up to the top of the page.

Upon arriving there, I see this annoying blue banner that says “We’re glad you think this question is so great”, or “Marked great answer… Thanks.”

When I click on the X to get rid of it, I get thrown up from the question thread to the Section page.

With all this throwing up, could it be that Fluther has a stomach virus from drinking Corona beer?

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I’ve been getting that. I think it’s a glitch that sometimes happens.

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It’s not happening on mobile.

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Western Canada haven’t seen it here,yet.

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I’ve found the past few days, when I mark something “great answer” I get put to the top of the page. Then I just click on “activity for you” so I get out of it. It seems like a glitch. Hopefully temporary.

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It’s happened before.

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It happened to me about a week & a half ago & suddenly stopped. Then it began again yesterday. irritating isn’t it???

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Sometimes it happens.

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It told me to stop firing when I wad about to execute a spammer. Uuugh Fluther is on the spammers’ side now ~

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^^ hahaha!

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I also find when I type a comment and hit “answer” it puts me right to the top of the page, too.

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It always puts me at the top of the page when I’m checking for new answers. That didn’t use to happen. I never see a blue banner, and the only snarky comments I ever get are from you guys (thanks)!

Edit: I just gave somebody a great answer and I was indeed put up at the top of the page to see a blue banner which read, “Marked great answer thanks.” That hardly falls under the heading of snark.

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“Thrown up” is about right. It’s nauseating!! Who thought that is a feature?

I get the “Marked great answer… Thanks.” every time I mark an answer. I am thrown up to the top of the page when what I want to do is read the next responses!

Please decommission this new “feature” ASAP!

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@dabbler As explained above, it’s not a new feature but a glitch that happens occasionally. It has happened before and will be fixed soon – we hope.

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I’m also having problems doing a search or asking a Q. It says I need to enable my javascript. That made no sense to me since I didn’t know how to disable my javascript. Then again…I did a search to find out how to turn it back on. When checking, it shows that it is enabled so I go back to ask my Q & I still get the message that it is disabled.

Search gives me the same message but also has a Google link. When I click on the link it takes me to a page that says it doesn’t exist.

I’ve also lost my preview to what I’m typing

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[Mod says] Things should be fixed now. Thanks, Ben.

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Thank you Ben & @longgone.

My preview is back & I’ve not yet tried the search. Since they were tied into the same problem, I’m going to assume that it’s also working again. I normally try to be patient & hope things will be fixed soon, but this one lasted longer than normal. I do appreciate ALL the work that goes into this site & I try & save any complaints until another asks the question.

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