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Who would win in a battle royale between all the cereal mascots?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) September 2nd, 2008

Damn. I thought of the correct answer as I was writing the question. I’ll share later.

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Excuse me, but were you intending to write “mascots?”

September 3, 2008, 1:41 AM EDT

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And perhaps you meant I thought of the definite correct answer?
Though, that still wouldn’t be quite right.

Snobbishness aside, Frankenberry has my vote.

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Quake, of course!

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Count Chocula!

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Well, I know who’d get his arse kicked first – that namby pamby Quaker Oats guy!

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The Lucky Charms dude could use his rainbow powers… but I put in a vote for Frosty Flakes with their tiger of pwnage.

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tiger of pwnage. – I LOVE it!

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TONY THE TIGER would win. He’s a TIGER!

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Count Dracula would kick Tony’s ass…he’s UNDEAD!

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Fred Flinstone! He’s a caveman. Yabba-dabba-do!

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I’d pity the fool that messed with Mr. T and his cereal.

@stratman- Quisp always got the better of Quake in the old TV commercials.

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No! Mr. T has/had a cereal?

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@stratman37: I pity the foo’ who doesn’t eat this cereal.

I also found this Top 10 List on the issue at hand.

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Oh thanx, blue, I forgot Capn’ Crunch has a sword! That should make things interesting.

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Although it should be considered that the Rice Bubbles gang could triple-team anyone.

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Rice Bubbles.. cute. Did you mean Rice Krispies though? Or is there really a Rice Bubbles?
Tony would lose… he has heart disease.
I’m voting for Sonny the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo bird. He’s cuckoo, and no one messes with craziness..

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Oh my bad, I forgot you guys call them a different thing. In Australia (and maybe Great Britain, correct me if I’m wrong) we call them Rice Bubbles. They’re the same product and the same brand but with an Anglicised name.

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What, they don’t have anything crispy down under?

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Get this: Lucky Charms are $20 a box! We’re cereally retarded (and I use that in its proper way) down here.

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What? Then how much is STEAK?

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Then again, they ARE magically delicious!

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Don’t count out Toucan Sam, he can peck anyone’s eyes out with that monster beak of his. Tag teaming with Michael Phelps, Tony the Tiger might make it a couple of rounds too. But it is no contest, that Lucky Charms leprechaun will use his magic mojo to kick some cereal mascot ass.

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Cap’n Crunch. He has a sword, and if I remember correctly, a boat with a cannon. However, King Vitamin might be able to raise a whole army!

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Pssh!! Are ya’ll kidding me?? Snap, Crackle n Pop would dominate, OF COURSE!! There’s 3 of them, they’re cute, and they have onomatopoeic. Can’t beat that with a stick… or spoon.

(haha I know. It was lame. I just couldn’t resist)

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Of course Toucan Sam could smell trouble coming from a mile away and he could call for back up and be ready for his opponent.

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Sloane, nice prom date photo! Did you take Mandy Moore?

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I totally forgot that Coca Puffs bird! He is out of his mind and he’ll woop all of them!

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@stratman37. I’m the girl, lol. Thank you for the unintentional and indirect, but very sweet compliment. ;)

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Fruit Brute. I mean come on hes a big ol werewolf, he’ll mess tony the tiger up no problem. Then again i cant exactly see Booberry losing, i mean hes a ghost, unless you plan on calling the ghostbusters hes pretty much unbeatable.

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I also vote for sonny, he loves coco puffs so much, it’s like crack to him. Cocoa crack. Never mess with a crack head.

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