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When you were a kid, what were you labeled as?

Asked by longgone (16606points) 2 months ago

And do you still have that label? Do you like it? How would your life be different if you hadn’t gotten that label?

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Looking back, I was just a little chubby. Lost the weight in high school, and now pretty thin. But have always felt like the “fat kid”.

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Enthusiastic !

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Fidgety—hyperactive. And I have no idea what the label is these days. OLD sounds about right. Maybe cranky.

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Quiet. “Mousie” some of my brother’s friends called me.

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I apparently had beautiful big green eyes & went through a brief phase, of which I was too young to be aware, of being called “saucer eyes”
Once I got beyond toddler years & into childhood, I was acutely aware & took pride in being praised as “good as gold”

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Pretty, and dumb. My sisters pushed this perception (the “dumb” part). It surprised everybody when I grew up and behaved very differently than expected.

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I didn’t really fit in anywhere in highschool. I was in marching band and I didn’t even fit in that group that much

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A goodie goodie.


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Shy, quiet and nice.

Every entry from classmates in my yearbooks included at least one of these words.

“You’re so shy but nice!”
“You’re so nice!
“You are quiet but nice.”

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Fag. Sissy.

I wear those labels proudly now.

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I didn’t really fit clearly into any social group. I hung out with nerds, stoners, and partiers and never got a real social label. But I was definitely “the short kid”, “the small kid”, etc. since for much of elementary and middle school I was very small and shorter than virtually everyone else, girls included.

I was not out of the closet until after high school so I imagine things would’ve been very different if I had come out then and been labeled according to my sexuality.

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Tomboy. I climbed on everything, and wore pants as much as possible. (Girls wore skirts and dresses in those days). Also “bossy” because I always told the other kids what to do. Plus parents said I talked all the time.

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My report cards had three themes. Disrupts class, absences affecting progress, and neglects assignments.

I wasn’t a class clown I was a freedom fighter. I was expected to be paid for my work. In my youth a piece of ribbon or gold star was not worth the effort. Maybe $$$ Money $$$ for grades would help me to conform.

I’m trying to atone for my Cavalier (given to haughty disregard of others) view on school.

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Sorry. I was a jackass who wasted the teachers time. I want to go back to school and finish my liberal arts degree. If they would have me?

I will try to stop bashing my teachers, my schools, and my family from now on.

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I’m like @Demosthenes. I was smart so I fit in with the brains. I was athletic enough to be okay with the jocks. I did like to party so I was cool with the stoners. But never really got cubby-holed into any one group. I’m still sort of like that. And my very few long time friends (30+ years) all sort of were the same. As an interesting side note, I’ve always been intrigued by how I seem to come across to people in real life. Even when I was small (I was only 5’3” until high school), people always had the impression I was bigger than I was. Not sure why. I broke up a fight one time between two guys much bigger than myself by threatening to get into it if they didn’t stop.

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I was one of the smart ones. I was also younger than everyone and small so I hated sports and the jocks who participated in them and picked on the little kids. I don’t recall the term “nerd” being used back then but it would have fit.

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The good girl. I was the last virgin in my friend group, loved church, animals and family. Never dated or went to school formals with boys.
Senior year I was more of a party girl which shocked everyone.

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Major bookworm.

Read everywhere I went. Would constantly have my nose in a book as I walked.

Didn’t affect me socially. Hung out with the stoners and the goodie two shoes. The surfers and the band geeks.

Kind of funny running into people years later and they’re shocked to learn I didn’t major in English.

I love reading. Just never had any interest in doing it as major or a career. It’s an interesting assumption.

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Talented theater kid.
I’m not longer a kid, my talent has waned, but i’m still in theater.
I have always liked this association.
However once I grew up I became a smaller fish in a bigger pond and that kinda sucks.

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“Intellectually gifted”- tested and confirmed. “Best friend” to many by their own accounts- I did not know why or how it was even possible to have more than one best friend. “Psychic”- embraced by my mom, chastised by my dad- kept it private, locked away in my dreams/nightmares. Recently, I have written and published some (eight) e-books sharing a gentle peak into psychic dreams, and I made a little over eight dollars this past year from book sales. “Old soul”- I agree.

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