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HEY! Who wants to welcome LadyMarissa to the mansion?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18517points) 1 week ago

Welcome and congrats on hitting 10,000 you belong here.

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Well I will be the first then welcome my fair Lady, way to go.

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Count me in! Welcome and drink up! Congratulations!

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Nicely done! Welcome!

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Hey, hey, hey!!! May I emphatically welcome you to the mansion!!!

Good work!!!

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Congrats! I brought some jellied seaweed to celebrate this happy occasion. Eat up!

I hope you like your room. Sorry about the moisture, we used it to store the squid for a while.

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Well done, Marissa! I’m bringing a vegan layer cake to your party.

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Congratulations LadyMarissa!

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Welcome! Wtfg!!!
I love it when great contributors are recognized!

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Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! To!!!!!!!!!! The!!!!!!!!!!! Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lady M!!!!!!!!!!

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Me! I noticed Lady when she joined. I love a woman who is confident and sincere. Congratulations! <3

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Also, congrats to those who were able to refrain, from mocking the honoree’s exclamatory proclivities!!!! ;-p

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^only a jerk would do that

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Congratulations! It’s a lovely place – ENJOY!

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion! Come see me after your party and we can continue our pm’s on hair and essential oils. I actually think your advice helped with my hair growth, so thank you for taking the time to give me your tips and hints.
Your contributions are much needed and fun!

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Woohoo! Congrats @LadyMarissa, welcome to the mansion! Happy that you’re a part of this community :)

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Congrats on the well deserved 10k. Actually I thought you had been here for ages!
Thanks for brightening the pond with your cheery presence.

P.S. Did you have to marry the grieving spouse?
“Enquiring minds want to know.”

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@LuckyGuy Nope, I avoided marrying the grieving spouse because she is still here with us. After he & I held an intervention, she came to her senses. I did end up agreeing to keep an eye on him just in case he doesn’t deal with it well. I’ve promised to crack the whip to keep him in line as necessary. He’s agreed to it but both he & I know that, although he’s going to miss her terribly, he will survive better than she’s giving him credit. IF he doesn’t, he’ll have a friend to be there to assist in picking up the pieces. We’ve BOTH assured her that there will be NO marriage between us & she can just forget that idea!!!

@ALL…Thank you for your kind words. This has been an experience of a lifetime, but one that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for anything!!!

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@LadyMarissa Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

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Let’s have a cookout!

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Congrats Lady M!

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Call me fashionably late.
Congratulations!!!! Just in time for pool party weather!

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@fashionably late ;) It was 51° here yesterday & we had about 6” of rain, so pool party had to be postponed. May we reschedule it???

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Sure and after wards lets go streaking through the empty chat rooms, OK?

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Nekkie PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!

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Even the pancakes don’t want to see me nekkie!!!

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“It was 51° here yesterday & we had about 6” of rain….”

6” of rain reads like recent central Michigan. However, I think I read that you live in NE GA. Is my recollection correct?

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Yes @Brian1946, I’m in NE Georgia & we’ve had a week of cold weather as well as monsoon like storms. We had been seeing around 70° temps fairly regular & was looking forward to Spring. Then boom, the bottom fell out. It was 77 on Monday & 51 on Tuesday. Our weather has been strange this year. So far, NO rain today but they’re now warning us to expect pockets of downpours which could include hail with a possibility of tornadoes sprinkled throughout our afternoon. Thanks for remembering!!!

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