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Best thing to bring up on a date?

Asked by benzy (13points) September 3rd, 2008

dont say politics

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I could tell you what I HOPE comes up on a date, but then, they’d probably remove the post!

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(My bad!)

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@Mr_M , are you naughty, or am I? ha ha!!

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Tell them about yourself, and ask about them. Don’t talk too much about yourself, or you might seem self-centered and get annoying. If your date seems uninterested in a subject, transition into another one.

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In general, people love to talk about themselves. Ask open ended questions (i.e. questions that canNOT be answered “yes” or “no”).

without knowing you or this person, it is difficult to come up w/ exact questions as suggestions

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Past relationships, crazy family mambers, diseases, the poor economy, bad jokes..
I’m kidding.
I like the ask open ended questions suggestion. Very nice Snoopy.
Talk to them about common interests. It also helps if the date is an actual activity and not just sitting somewhere. Because then if there’s an awkward silence it can be thwarted by engaging in the activity. Take playing pool for example – awkward silence, take your shot. Or are you bowling? Bowl your turn. Just don’t let the silence last too long.

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If it’s a first or second date, topics that are not too personal, but not too banal. Music, books, movies, hobbies.

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Previous prison stints.
Odd fetishes.
Uses for a dead cat.

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I like Allie’s suggestion of an activity on a date. You don’t want to be overly personal too soon.

But if something uncomfortable gets blurted during the conversation then just add ”...but I’m all better now.” So, if you accidentally say,
”...the last time I had a restraining order filed against me…” or
”...and then I moved to the compound in Montana…” or
”...I swear I never touched her sister…”
”...that was already my second strike so…”
”... the inner circle elders said they always liked me best…”

…be sure to follow it with ”...but I’m all better now”. That way they might think you just have an odd sense of humor. You’ll get to know them before they realize you’re serious, and by then you’ve got them tucked away somewhere. :^>

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hey, i make great enchiladas. you like mexican food? let’s blow this taco stand so i can show you how it really should taste, baby.

(cooking instructions not included)

way to a woman’s heart: know how to make it happen in the kitchen. we’re equal—men need to know how to throw down in the kitchen because well, women like to eat too.

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@charliecompany34: Oh, yeah, my husband makes the Thai food, most of the grilling, the birthday buttermilk pancakes, and he makes a great guacamole. I like doing most of the cooking, but it’s really nice when he wants to show off his cooking for me. :^>

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Jerry Seinfeld says the first date is just like a job interview, so I’d start by promising each other to RELAX. And if you like her, a great way to ensure a second date is to say: “let’s not tell everything about ourselves tonight, save some for later.”

Above all, BE YOURSELF. If she doesn’t like you, cool. If she likes the FAKE you, you’ve got to keep up the facade forever!

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Money is always nice.

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I always try to mention my favorite essays of Herbert Hoover.

September 3, 2008, 10:59 PM EDT

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ever the charmer, Jack. :)

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That’d actually work on many of my friends. LOL!

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Humans are driven by storytelling, especially if they are funny or self-deprecating. Tell a few of your own, ask for some in return.

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it’s all about keeping eye contact then it will follow.

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Great ideas, all =)

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First dates are for listening. The principle of Self-disclosure works wonders. The more she talks about herself, the more she thinks she knows/likes you—get her talking all about all the stuff in her life, all night long, act interested/facinated hang on her every word and she will fall in love with you and she will say, “i feel like I have know you forever….”

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@allengreen – Wow. That’s kind of creepy and calculating…

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Using psychology in dating is creepy? Do mathmatics creep you out? How about grammer? Science?
But let me guess, faith makes you feel good all over, right?

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Pfffft. I’m an athiest.

You brought up an interesting point. Maybe it was the wording of the sentence “The more she talks about herself, the more she thinks she knows/likes you…” that threw me off. I hope that I’m never so deluded to think that by talking about myself, I am learning about someone else.

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I think that sort of thing only works on the young and naive.

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There are dozens of techniques that produce results, that are real and measurable—just like sales, dating is no different.

Ever heard of the Study on the Bridge?

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Nope. I tried Googling it… what are you referring to?

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I usually let my testicles hang out of my pants. it is a great ice-breaker.

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Hahahaha.. uhh.. nice.

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ask to see his checking/savings statement.

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not in this order but….
1. what book are you reading
2. what’s your family like, where are they now
3. pets
4. hobbies
5. your neighborhood
6. sports

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