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You're the next talk show host or hostess. why are you beating the sordid competition?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) September 3rd, 2008

ok, aside from oprah, you have a platform that takes the nation and the world by storm. no “baby’s mama drama” or “mother makeovers” or “teen goes to boot camp.” you are the “waynes world” of TV talkshowdom! what can you bring to america that everybody is talking about? you may not be cute like tyra. you maybe overweight with a cause! how would you topple OPRAH?

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By requiring the guests and everyone associated on the show to be in a state of undress.

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Give the audience realllly expensive gifts, of course!
I mean, who wants those free CD’s, anyway? If we wanted it, we’d just go out and buy the thing!

No, just kidding. I’d definitely not have the “tomorrow on [insert talk show here]” previews, so everything that I showed would be a surprise to everyone, including the audience. I’d also have something really crazy planned for every episode, like some kind of stunt or super weird entertainment.
Singers and actors are so five minutes ago.

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@flyaway: you go evel knievel of the 21st century!

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@charlie; Haha, basically! I’d also have some kind of weird guest, like Darth Vader or the guy who came up with The Simpsons…lol

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Only death can top Oprah. My show would be reminiscent of the games of the gladiators. Muahahahahaha….

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How do I topple Oprah? Oh man, talk about handing me a straight line. This is just way too easy.

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I’d call it something like Make Your Case or maybe What Do You Want? and guests would have so much time to make a case for the audience in the studio and/or at home to do something whether it’s to donate to a certain cause or call their congressional rep to urge an action or give them a chance at a job or internship or change their way of doing something or present an idea for doing something differently.

Most shows don’t ask anything of an audience. Even the ones that claim to educate are usually only about passive entertainment. Well, there you go. That’s just a rough idea.

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Easy…“tomorrow, on Fluther…”.
The guests? Flutherites. The audience? Flutherites. 1 or 2 topics per day.

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