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Is there a National Graves Registry? Should there be?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28300points) 1 month ago

Any military person buried in a Federal / National cemetery is on a list somewhere – link

Is there a similar finding aid that compiles grave information on a national scale for city cemeteries, church cemeteries, and privately owned cemeteries?

Would that be a useful service?

Sometimes I think that compiling a list of people from their headstones, and copying the epitaphs / engraving – would be an interesting hobby.

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Find a Grave is the largest. I’ve used it working as a volunteer for the county on some property they own. It now the Botanical Garden for the county, over 50 years ago it was the county home (Poor House). Under half the property is being used now, they are looking to expand. One of the other volunteers said they thought there a graveyard way in the back.
Gravestone rubbing was a hobby I was involved in during the 1960’s at Cemeteries and Graveyard going back to 1690’s

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^ Correct. Find a Grave is a good one. Many of the listings have a view of the headstone as well as the info

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