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What places did you love to visit as a small child?

Asked by longgone (16646points) 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed going to the pet store to make friends with all the life-size ceramic dogs. The lollipops the staff handed out were appreciated, too.

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My grandmother owned a vacation house in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod, just a couple of blocks from the beach. My cousins and I spent our childhood summers there. Best memories ever!

At least a couple of times, Nana took us kids all the way to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where we visited a paradise called Storyland. The place is still open, greatly expanded and with some amusement park rides. Back then, it was some colorfully-painted buildings and a collection of cheesy fairy tale characters, such as this: My childhood eyes had never seen anything quite so spectacular.

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Disney World
Jellystone Park
Ipperwash Beach (Ontario)
Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Cedar Point

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The zoo, the art museum and the riding stable.

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We would take a summer vacation at a Stokes State Forest with cabins that were built in the 30s by the CCC. Other family friends would rent cabins the same week. It was a magical place with a small lake, forest paths and a pine forest that we called the Purple Forest. One of my parent’s friends was an English teacher and she would read us stories by Edgar Allen Poe and others. One of my favorite places in all the world.

As young marrieds, my husband and I would take weekend breaks up there and we sometimes brought our kids up there for short vacations. It was a special place for them too although we vacationed many other places as well.

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Grandma’s house

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When I was little, my mom used to take me pony riding at a stable at a park in the Bronx. I remember getting “8 times around” and really enjoying that.

We used to take walks in the local park in the town where I grew up. We’d walk around the lake and it was very peaceful and serene. I went to that park recently and the formerly dirt path is now paved but otherwise, the park is still pretty much the same, except there are more people there now.

We used to vacation with my grandparents in a town called Ship Bottom, NJ, which was on the famous Jersey shore. I remember a lot of details about the town and how much I enjoyed it. I remember the gift shop which was on a ship, and you’d have to walk the plank to get to the shop, and it had all kinds of souvenirs and ocean themed knick knacks. I remember the layout of the streets in Ship Bottom and what the houses looked like.

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My dad used to work in Sacramento while mom tended the farm in Oregon when I was little. We would drive down to Sacramento every weekend because my dads house had a pool.

But on the drive down we used to always stop at the Olive Pit in Corning. They had a huge selection of lollipops that were as big as my head. Those massive spiral ones.

And on the way back we would stop in Rice Hill at K&R for mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.

Good times.

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All the wonderful museums in Chicago. I was so lucky to grow up there. My favorites were the Museum of Natural History and the Aquarium.

I also loved going to our local park that had an animal area with lots of local birds and wildlife.

And best of all was going into Chicago to see theater and ballets.

I was such a lucky kid ~

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@Love_my_doggie OH crap that thing scared me ~

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I loved going to an amusement park, and an Ice cream drive in.

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My weird uncle. He had all the Legos.

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Tastee Freez Culver City

Will Rogers Beach

Solvang, CA for the pancake festival held on the street

Cherry picking in Beaumont, CA

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Grandparents-night fishing, horses, cows and chickens.
Zoo- horseriding, animals
Wild Animal Safari- petting zoo with all kinds of babies, plus zebra’s, emu’s, giraffe’s, ligers etc… My paradise.
Lots of native pow wow’s.
My cousins house (they had a lot of kids, river and a goat)

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My uncle’s flower shop

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It is visiting my grandparents’ large home when all of the other cousins were there. The girls slept in one large bed and the boys in a separate bed on the third floor. We spent most of our time searching for two “treasure chests” initially hidden by Gram. Both were filled with her old costume jewelry. If the girls found the boy’s treasure chest before they did, it was re-hidden. They were taunted and vice-versa.

There are a dozen or more memories that can be shared, but I won’t bore you all. Let’s just say that I experienced a lovely young childhood full of fond memories.

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The Catskill Mountains in NY. We used to stay for three weeks in the summer with my grandparents.

Cape Cod. We used to stay in a cottage for a week, my parents and my sister and I. We got to ride ponies, and they had this board like a seesaw, but it didn’t go up and down and circled around a pole. My mom would push me around and the dude farthest from her was hill, so you had to hold on tight and the ground beneath would fall away. It seemed like a big cliff when I was such a little girl. I also remember roasting marshmallows in the fire place and swimming in a pond.

I loved going to the park in town, it was called Reynolds Field. Swings, merry-go-round, slides, and monkey bars.

Going swimming. When I was very little we went to Sprain Ridge pool. It had a four lane slide and I loved it, and just being in the water was great.

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The zoo

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The outdoors ( woods) near our place.

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The San Francisco Zoo
Lake Tahoe
My grandmother’s house in Walnut Creek
The beach (which could be a few different ones). Never liked swimming in the ocean, but I liked being on the sand.

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Various sites within the Shawnee National Forest. Two of my particular favorites were the Garden of the Gods and the Little Grand Canyon areas.

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Caveat: I suppose I can’t really say I was a small child, as most of this stuff we did after I was at least 10 or 11 years old.

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Bullwinkles Restaurant and arcade.

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The park playgrounds and McDonalds.

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