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What’s your opinion on the horror classic “Rosemary’s Baby”?

Asked by rockfan (11717points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Just watched it for the very first time and it definitely didn’t disappoint, in fact, it actually exceeded by expectations. Thought the characters were extremely well written, and the slow burn was masterfully executed. Also, loved the haunting, yet subtle music. But what makes the film most memorable in my opinion are all the small details involving the neighbors and the other supporting characters. Personally, I prefer this film over The Exorcist.

What are your thoughts on the film?

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Saw it in the theater when it was new. It definitely gave us the creepy chills. And it resonated with the times, back there in 1968: deceit, seduction, manipulation, resistance, surrender. Betrayal by someone you trust. The theme of evil within a cloak of innocence (kindness, friendliness, normality) is a powerful one. For a while I worried about what might be beneath every benign surface; and of course the answer was (always is), plenty.

Nothing like that going on these days, of course, right?

I remember being ticked off at my roommate for something around then, so I went out and bought some black candles (at a great shop that had candles of every color) and stood them around the apartment. It freaked her out nicely.

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I have always liked it and can actually get hooked on it to the point I watch it several times a year. I like Mia Farrow and the remodeling scenes of their NY apartment. lol. Just love that apartment.

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In the end where they “Think” that the baby is Satan’s child??? but really it was deformed due to the drugs they piled her with, don’t you think?
Nasty people, her boyfriend and neighbors.

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I haven’t seen the movie, but love the book.

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It’s made pretty clear in the movie that they’re a satanic cult. It wasn’t from the drugs they were giving to her

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Never seen it,so no thoughts

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I watched it when it first came out because of all the controversy about it. Satan winning was relatively new for Hollywood as I remember. It was good. I watched it again a couple times over the years and I think the last time I watched it, I was struck by how over the top the acting was. “Ham” came to mind a few times. But that was pretty standard for the day and age it was made.

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Wow that’s surprising, the entire time watching the film I was thinking of how subdued and naturalistic the acting was, at least for the two main leads.

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Polanski, brilliant. He brings a unique approach to his use of the lens, lighting and narrative pacing so exquisitely that one could get a sense that it is no one else’s film but his. Like a Woody Allen film.

A good follow-up after Rosemary’s Baby is The Ninth Gate. Love that his films were shot in film not digital.

He is a master of the greatly executed slow-burn. Chinatown, The Ghostwriter, Frantic…

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Re: “It’s made pretty clear in the movie that they’re a satanic cult.”
Yes and most use drugs to manipulate a situation .
In the Movie the drugs ( herbs etc) were given to her in order to rape her.
I suppose the book would be different that the movie but I saw the movie when it came out an at that time many stated the reference to “drugs” used and “herbs” used so common sense says that the unborn child would /could become deformed.
It just an opinion in regards to the movie response.
I have Never read the book.

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