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What are you noncompliant with?

Asked by Jeruba (50168points) 1 month ago

No one is totally obedient to all those little joy-stifling rules, right? Which do you defy?

Do you ignore a doctor’s piece of advice?
Quietly break a little speed limit?
Remove the flow restrictor from the new shower head?

Heavens, don’t tell us you mix flammable liquids in that blender. Next you’ll be cavorting with plastic bags. A total outlaw.

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I tear the tags off of mattresses.

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Not ending a sentence a preposition with. ;-)

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I still double space after a period and I don’t always use the Oxford comma! Draw me and quarter me now.

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I’m rebellious in so many ways.

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I eat eggs long after the Best Buy date on the carton.

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Pointless speed limits.

No health insurance – it’s cheaper to just pay the penalty.

I have one corner turn indicator i haven’t got fixed for months.

Using “a” rather than “an” before words with non-silent H, regardless of whether they came from French or not, such as “a history” and “a hospital”.

@canidmajor Unless you’re selling those mattresses, that rule doesn’t apply to you.

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I consistantly ignore the colonial superstition that you should not eat raw pork.

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I run with scissors. -{:o)

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@ragingloli thus your tapeworm driven persona.

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My car does not know the definition of speed limit.
Fireworks are lovely before 10 pm.
I hold my grandchild and let him feed our pond fish without wearing a life jacket.
Nuisance rodents are fed to the neighborhood fox.

Let’s see… I’ve upset the State, Town, CPS and DEC, all in one day!

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I sometimes pull a USB stick out of a computer before “ejecting” it properly.

I like to live dangerously.

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Most driving manuals actually have a clause about “Moving with the flow of traffic.”
So as long as people break the law in unison, it’s ok to break the speed limit.
It’s the guy flying past everyone clearly going 85 that gets pulled over.

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I tend to run late when showing up to appointments (and work).

I speed. I know where not to speed, which helps.

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@Zaku FYI: Trump did away with the ObamaCare Individual Mandate.

Oh, I’m non compliant with most of my home owners association rules. I leave my trash cans out front too long on purpose. I never discard my lawn clipping and leaves (I spread them under my trees and shrubs). I leave my sail boat out front in full view just to tick my tight ass neighbors off (and put it away just before they complain). I never ask permission to make any modification to our house. I’ve encroach on my property line. I put up an unauthorized fence. Also I never pay my dues. I’m a master at passive aggression. HA!

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I don’t use the table saw when I am sober. I am not joking.

Once I get I few in me I know I need to watch my ass. Sober I assume I am good and lose fingers.

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I should add that I don’t usually pay much attention to expiration dates, when it comes to things that I already have purchased. If I’ve already opened something, like a jar of mayo, then yes, I’m very careful (I will err on the side of caution). Some things, like cake mixes, I know you can’t use when they’re too old because the leaveners won’t work like when they’re fresh. Otherwise, cans and jars, I keep for a long time.

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Come on, do you not want to stuff your maw with this delicious bastard?

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A pork hedgehog? A raw pork hedgehog? It’s just to fiendish Loli

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A raw pork hedgehog. Fiendishly delicious.

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