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Why do anti-union Conservatives take off Labor Day?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) September 4th, 2020

Are they celebrating concepts that are anathema to them?

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I am a union member and represent the union full time. There are a lot of union members that are anti-union, hate the union, think we suck and are useless, etc., even though they enjoy the benefits of the contract such as twice a year pay raises, holidays, sick, vacation, personal and bereavement leave, and so much more.

As for Labor Day, working under the contract, if they are due to take off, they have no choice.

They get the day off with pay, and will still bitch that we suck.

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Makes me wonder if you took off Presidents Day.

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Well yea….they aren’t using logic or compassion…that’s their whole problem in the first place.
The government that they hate had to step in and actually help clean up their mess, because as it turns out, an actual free market and unregulated capitalism would basically enslave us all (more than it already is).

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This is silly. Don’t do this.

First, Labor Day is a cultural holiday. People don’t celebrate Labor Day in some kind of solidarity with workers. It’s a time to have a day off (if you’re lucky) and get together with friends and family for a cookout.

Also keep in mind that if a business closes, anti-worker right-wingers don’t necessarily have the option to break into the business to work in protest.

Most importantly, being critical of something because you feel that there is a better way doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the ubiquitous thing as it is right now. Capitalists who have yet to explore the concepts of logic will sometimes make – with a smug face – an argument that goes something like this: “You say that you hate capitalism, but I see that you have a smartphone! Hypocrite.” There is nothing further from hypocrisy here, and it just makes the capitalist appear drunk or uneducated.

I am very pro-union (and work for a union organization). But I know for a fact that there is at least one person here who is anti-union. Making a living (selling your labor) to feed your family by working for an organization that you are ideologically opposed to is not unusual. It’s also not as problematic as you sense that it is.

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@Jaxk Was your comment directed to me?

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@Jaxk I stopped recognizing “Presidents Day” in 2017. I observe Washington’s Birthday.

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I’m Jewish and I “celebrate” Christmas . Labor Day, like Memorial Day, is one of those annual markers that has gotten fairly divorced from its original meanings.

I think there are more important issues to address.

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It’s not an option to work for most of us, the office is closed. No deeper political meaning.

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@Jaxk: I get 12 holidays a year. Presidents’ Day isn’t one of them. Presidents’ Day is to honor the birth of Washington and Lincoln, specifically.

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If you think about it, it makes total sense.
Their “philosophy” is one of pure egoism and exploitation of others. It is all about their own personal advantage.
That way, they can demonise “handouts” to others, while at the same time guiltlessly exploiting the same “handouts” offered to them.
That is why Ayn Rand did not reject that sweet, sweet Social Security money.

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Why do atheists take Christmas off? They do because it is in their interest.

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Like people have said, it is a federal holiday a lot of businesses are closed. I used to work on Labor Day because retail is open. I didn’t work Christmas Day because my store was closed, but if it had been open I probably would have worked, I always worked in Christmas Eve on the late shift (until 7:00) so the Christians could leave earlier.

I’m guessing a lot of people don’t even think of it related to unions, but rather related to laborers. Americans don’t necessarily know the history. Or, they know the history and think there was a time and place for unions, but just don’t believe in them now.

Any day off sounds good.

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I think of it more as an end to summer.

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Probably the same reason Atheists or Jews or Muslims take off Christmas. Probably the same reason that people that hate the military and want to do away with it celebrate Memorial day. Probably the same reason that people that bloviate about Europeans stealing this country from the AmerInds celebrate Thanksgiving. Probably the same reason that people that protest against this country celebrate the 4th of July.

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@seawulf575 And, what is that reason in your opinion?

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The original question is totally random. We have anti-union people that take off Labor day. The OP posits that they are celebrating ideals that are anathema to them. The same applies to various religious beliefs and Christmas, people that think the military is useless and Memorial Day, etc. If you are asking why they take the day off, there are a number of reasons. First, they are national holidays and many people close on those days. If you have a business, it might be in your best interest to take the day off for you and your employees since being open would probably not be beneficial to you and you may incur more operational cost. Secondly, it might be just that, since it is a national holiday, you give all your employees time off to celebrate as they see fit. If they don’t believe in the basis of the holiday, they can still enjoy a day off.

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Who would say no to a free day off? I celebrate Christmas buy buying a huge 2–5 bone prime beef roast and chuging eggnog. I go to church once every two years, when I have a problem and need advice.

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