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What are some things that you keep in multiple locations?

Asked by Brian1946 (28383points) September 18th, 2020

E.g., I keep separate pairs of reading glasses next to my desktop PC, TV chair, couch (bed), in my laundry room, bathroom, car, and travel bag.

What are some of your stowage places?

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Ha! This question resonates with me in the silliest of ways.
Reading glasses: literally at least a dozen in various strengths around the house.
Little LED flashlights in every room, just because.
Little pocketknives in at least three locations.
A couple of hairbrushes around, especially now that my hair is stupidly long thanks to the pandemic, along with various barrettes and ties.

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Sunglasses one pair in both of my cars.

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Eyeglasses, at home in the dresser drawer and at the bedside. At work in my desk drawer. One in a spare emergency bag in the car.

Toothbrushes – at home, at work in the desk drawer, in the emergency bag in the car, new one in the glove compartment.

Face masks – at home in multiple spots, in the car behind the visor, in my handbag.

I have some spare packets of artificial sweetener in my handbag, in case I am somewhere and there is none, or if I pick up a cup of coffee and forget sweetener.

Deodorant, toiletries and spare clothes are in an emergency bag in my car, in case I get stuck somewhere or stay overnight somewhere and forget something.

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When I was still at school I kept three sets of stationary in two separate bags and on my desk. One for school, one for my cram classes, and the other at home. The idea was that I didn’t have to reach out for my stuff each time I went somewhere, as I could forget them very easily.

Now I have two sets instead of three. Still with the same intention.

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Cash. Many. Think squirrels.

Also boxes of tissues. Hayfever all my life. So, there’s one within close reach in every room and also some in my pocket, purse, and car.

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Toilet paper in every bathroom.

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Reading glasses are big for me, too. They’re cheap. I have them everywhere.

All my important computer files are also saved in multiple places, local on my machines and in the cloud.

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On both floors: reading glasses, back scratcher, blankets, pillows. In all rooms but the bathroom: kleenex and pens. Hair ties and clips under and around everywhere possible.

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Letter openers
Binder clips
Pens and pencils
Keys to both cars

It’s inconvenient when these items are needed but aren’t close at hand.

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Screwdrivers (Philips and flathead)
Pocket knife/multi-tool
Phone charger
Musical keyboards (at least one on each level)

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