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What are the chances that Trump emulated his friend Putin?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) September 21st, 2020

Yes, Justice Ginsburg was quite ill and had been.

But Trump acolytes could have hastened her death for political purposes – (election opportunity to show off for conservatives) – just like Trump’s buddy Putin did with Navalny.

Unlikely, but is it impossible?

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I don’t think that’s Trump’s flavor of evil.

Could be someone else’s flavor of evil, though.

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He would rather tell lies and tell lies and tell lies and tell lies and tell lies and tell lies and tell lies and that is only the first six hours for today.

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That thought has crossed my mind more than once. I thought that most states had a mandatory autopsy but it appears that there won’t be one in this case. Hell, even if there was an autopsy that showed it wasn’t the cancer that killed her, it would be compromised to the point that it would say nothing

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It isn’t impossible at all.

But I continue to try pretty hard to stick to rational views based on facts. It’s better for my sanity and the sanity of those around me.

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It’s possible that death rays from Mars killed RBG, but it’s highly unlikely. In the absence of any further evidence, I’d put poisoning only slightly ahead of that scenario.

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