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If I have drafted up a question completely, but just forget to click on Ask Fluther, can I get the draft back?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) September 28th, 2020

Just happened to me.

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I don’t know but what are you on, desktop, laptop, iphone or other?

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Back from where? What have you done with it?

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@flo I am on a Mac. What happened was that I closed the window before I clicked on Ask Fluther. When I went back to Fluther it was like I had done nothing at all!

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@stanleybmanly From cyberspace. I closed the window before clicking on Ask Fluther. When I went back to Fluther, all my work had disappeared.

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I realize how it disappeared on you but what are you on, a desktop a laptop, cellphone (whichever brand)

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We’ve all done it. Best start anew.

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OK. I’m asking since some things ok on desktop and not on smartphone etc.
Like I wrote above I don’t know if there is a way of getting it back. But I just would make a habit of drafting on Word for example, or your email. I learned my lesson.

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If you use Chrome, you could try launching it and hitting CTRL-SHIFT-T (on a Mac, there is some apple key instead of CTRL). This will bring back your closed tab, and it might just have your draft. I just tested this in Chrome OS and it works.

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I try to “select all” and “copy“ as I write just in case.

Probably all of us have been tortured by writing out a long question or answer and losing it. I’ve done it many times.

I don’t think there is any way to recover it.

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From now on, if it’s lengthy, I suggest composing it in another format like Word.

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Sometimes if you hit the back button it is still there.

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Actually, @janbb is right! I forgot about that.

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Thanks all. I’ll just be more careful.

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As a general rule whenever I’m typing out something that’s more that a few sentences I’ll type it out in Word (I assume Mac has something that’s essentially the same), maybe even save that periodically, before copy-pasting it into the reply box.

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@Darth_Algar I second that! Many a time I’ve had something to post, but wanted to find a link or reference and didn’t have the time for research. I’ll usually save it as a doc on Google Drive then come back and edit for markup.

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Thanks all for the suggestions.

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Great answer (CTRL-SHIFT-T) by @hmmmmmm. It works with Firefox too. What browser would it not work with? Or it a given that it would work with any browser?

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