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What do you give to kids on Halloween?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19436points) October 17th, 2020

Do you give the good stuff?

Humor welcome.

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A nice warm bath in my stew.

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@ragingloli Fat kids today are too much calories. Don’t you worry about cholesterol?

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I just cut off the fat, and turn that into candles and soap.

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@ragingloli That way nothing goes to waste. GA!

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Nothing. I give them nothing.

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Not this year sadly, but usually Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, and Kit Kats for most.

The best costumes also get a Pez Dispenser. I also get Necco Wafers for the lazy teens who put zero effort into a costume but just want candy.

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Not chocolate!

Visit the Halloween candy display at any store, and you’ll see shelf-after-shelf of chocolate items. Not every child likes chocolate, and some children are sensitive or allergic. So, I’m always that person who finds alternatives.

This year, I have Twizzlers and small bags of pretzels.

Who knows if there’ll be any trick-or-treaters during the ongoing pandemic? If not, I’ll donate the wrapped, unopened goodies to my city’s shelter for homeless families.

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Mini candies of the good stuff. Milky Way, Butterfinger, Hershy’s, Snickers.

I donate what is left to the gals in the city utility office in the futile hope they won’t turn my shit off!

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What I hate is that all of the businesses downtown are in on it, and that’s where everyone goes. Very few kids come to our door any more. It’s not like it was when I was a kid.

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@cookieman “I also get Necco Wafers for the lazy teens who put zero effort into a costume but just want candy.”

Ha! I love it! I’m totally going to start doing that if I ever get into a place where trick-or-treating is a thing again.

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My city announced that there is no ban on trick or treating, so we’ll see.

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@cookieman ”...Necco Wafers…” Hey, dude, those are good stuff!

I remember the New England Confectionary Company from childhood. The building’s smokestack was painted to look like a huge roll of Necco wafers. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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My parents used to give out Junior Mints (but we live in an area with long driveways and isolated houses, it’s not a trick-or-treater’s paradise. We would often only get a few a year).

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@Darth_Algar: Exactly. I’m not wasting the good stuff on a 13-year old in black sweatpants who says he’s a ninja. Put some work into it kid.

@Love_my_doggie: I know that building well. I think it’s condos now. Then in Charlestown we had the Charlestown Chew factory. Lots of good smells driving around as a kid.

That said, I’m glad you like them, but they Necco Wafers always taste like chalk to me.

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Something that I or someone I know will be willing to eventually eat, if/when there are leftovers.

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When I was a kid, there a lady in our neighborhood who gave out a penny, taped to a red construction paper cutout of an apple.

I get the sentiment, but talk about not knowing your audience.

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No kids ever come. When I lived elsewhere, I gave out sour candy (like Sourpatch Kids, but better), Snickers, and meringue ghosts.

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The big boxes of Cracker Jack.

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We only do gluten and dairy free food in our house, so usually fruit juice sweetened suckers, allergen friendly treats and non-food items like bubbles and suckers.

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@kritiper…. “Knock knock….”

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