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What's your opinion of Dan Brown being in favour of transhumanism?

Asked by luigirovatti (2581points) October 26th, 2020

He literally favoures it in “Inferno” (for this question I’m referring to the novel, NOT the movie).

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Being with the concept that Dan Brown has been getting crazier with each book he has written. The first one – Da VInci Code – was a pretty good yarn. He began to stretch credulity with Angels and Demons, got kind of wacky in The Lost Symbol, and truly jumped off the deep end with the last two.

So I wonder if he really believes the transhumanism thing, or if he latched onto it as a plot device to increase his appeal to the weirdo readers of the world.

If he wants to believe it, mazel tov. Lots of authors believes lots of oddball stuff. That doesn’t make the author right and the rest of us wrong, and vice versa. Look, Greta van Susteren is a Scientologist… that doesn’t make her stupid.

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@elbanditoroso Your timeline is as skewed as DB’s books. First came Angels and Demons, then The DaVinci Code. The films changed the order.

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