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Did this year’s flu shot hurt more than usual?

Asked by raum (11065points) November 23rd, 2020 from iPhone

Or was it just because I didn’t relax my arm enough?

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No, it didn’t hurt at all for me.

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No. They never bother me. I think it depends as much as anything on the skill of the person administering. I get two smooth, slick allergy shots every four weeks that seldom sting. The annual flu shots from CVS or Walgreen’s sometimes go in that nicely and sometimes don’t, but they’re never bad. This year I also had Shingrix twice and a pneumonia shot. I wouldn’t say any of them hurt-hurt, although the pneum did get my attention.

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It didn’t hurt me, but my wife complained about it.

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It wasn’t the needle poke that hurt. The needle poke was actually less painful than I remember. But when the nurse did the actual injection of the fluid, it hurt. Which I don’t ever remember feeling before.

Maybe it was because we did it in a drive thru flu clinic? Thinking my arm may have been less relaxed sticking it out the window.

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@Caravanfan I have a secondary question that you might be able to answer. Are all flu shots the same? (In the same year.)

My husband got his flu shot at CVS. Two younger kids got theirs at pediatrician office. Older kid and I got ours at a drive-thru flu shot clinic.

All the same shot?

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I barely felt mine.

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No. I felt nothing.

A couple of weeks ago I got a Shingrix shingles vaccination. That hurt a bit and continued to bother me for a day or so.

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^same here. The flu shot didn’t hurt, but I had the Shingrix shot last month and it made my arm sore for a few days.

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Oh geez, I am getting my Shingrx booster this afternoon!

I got my flu shot, my shingles shot, and a pneumonia vaccine all at the same time in late September, and all in the same arm. The shots didn’t hurt, but my arm was sore and achy the next day.

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When a needle is jammed into the body and a volume of liquid is shot in then the chances are that you are going to feel it. How much you feel it depends on the skill of the person managing the needle and syringe and the exact location of the injection site.

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No, not at all. The needle stick was pretty benign. I did have a mild soreness on my upper left arm for about a day, but that’s all.

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Painless for me.

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Did any of you guys get a shot in an outdoor clinic? Have heard that the temperature of a vaccine can affect how it feels as well. Wondering if being outside was a factor for me?

In contrast, the needle poke was probably the least painful I’ve ever had. Barely even noticed when she did it. So I’m guessing the nurse was pretty skilled.

This is the first year that I noticed the injection of the fluid. Every year before this, it was just about the needle poke.

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I get mine at my local drug store. The pharmacist gives them. No clue who taught her how to give them, but she’s never hurt me. I always thank her for knowing how to do her job

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No more than usual, which is to say not much at all.

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Sore arm for a few days, nothing more.

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For my husband, it hurt his arm for about 3 days but for me maybe slightly stiff but not painful for a few days but I always take aspirin before getting shots to help with inflammation.
Just wondering if it has to do with how much muscle you have in your arm and if the nurse is able to pinch your arm. If your arm is too firm, then the needle goes through muscle and if it can be pinched then it probably goes through fat. More nerves in muscles. Also, the nurse rubbed my arm after the shot but not husband. Maybe she thought that would be weird.
So it’s possible that you didn’t relax your arm making it worse.

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@Pandora Maybe it was just because I was in a super awkward position?

It was a drive thru flu clinic. Sitting on the passenger side. But they wanted to get my left arm.

So I turned awkwardly on the seat to face the headrest, so they could reach my left arm. I probably just did a crap job of relaxing my arm.

Just caught me by surprise because I had never noticed the actual injection of the fluid before.

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@raum So I got a booster this afternoon, after reading this thread, and I became acutely aware of the solution as it entered my arm. In all the shots I have gotten in my life, that is the first time I ever felt the liquid.

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Oh, man. Hope I’m not messing with your head!

It’s totally weird though, right?! I’ve gotten my fair share of shots over the years. Don’t remember ever feeling the liquid before.

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Mine was less painful this year than last, however, I actually had feverish symptoms for several hours this time. Usually I don’t. Maybe there is something new in it this year.

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Less. I often get a big painful bruise.

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