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Any suggestions for my new router's name?

Asked by filmfann (52159points) November 24th, 2020

I just bought a new router. Too often all the devices in the house overwhelmed the old one.
My modem is “FBI Surveillance Van #7”. I always get funny looks when visitors try signing into the WiFi.
Humor welcome and appreciated

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Ricochet Rabbit.

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I considered “Speak Friend and enter”, with the password as Mellon, but it’s a bit obvious, and I need an 8 character password.

Another choice is “Valor Morghulis”, but again, too obvious a password.

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To go with your modem theme, maybe Men In Black.

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“Kids Trapped, Send Help”

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Roto. Roto Router.

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Mother of Dragons

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@cookieman I changed all the sounds to television and movie robots. Sign on was “Do you want to play a game?”. Sign off was “I’ll be back!”. An error message was “Danger, Will Robinson!”. I had about a dozen different sounds.

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At one point, @filmfann , I called mine ‘NSA Surveillance Device”. But I worried they wouldn’t think it humorous.

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Years ago at work, I loaded Doom on a work computer. Because we were worried someone would find it, we created a hidden file, and named it Reformat. We figured even if it was found, it would scare the finder off.

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“No Internet” will deter people.

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“Offline.” or “Disconnected.”

I used to work in a department that had two printers, back when they were a bit of an office luxury. The use of them was often pirated by neighboring departments, until we named one of them “Broken” and the other “Jammed.” Oddly enough, it worked.

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Move Over Man No Wifi Here.

Password: Isaidnowifihere>:(
or Whatiswrongwithyou???
or Areyoudeaforsomething???

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