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What do you do if on a date she says she is still in love with her ex?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) 1 month ago

I’m going out with a girl that says she wants to start off as friends first. She told me her ex called her and after a short conversation she blocked him. She then mentioned to me that she still loves him. I’m thinking of not going out with her again. Am I right?

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I think you are right to move on. Why waste your time and money on someone who is in love with another person?

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Q. What do you do?

A. “ Your half of the check is $——. And don’t forget to tip, 20% is appropriate while the restaurants aren’t completely open.”

“I’ m heading home. Want to split an Uber?”

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You are RIGHT!!! Dating can be expensive & emotionally exhaustive even when you are building a relationship. When you’re told NO hope for a relationship, I wouldn’t put myself through the emotional exhaustion for sure!!! Plus, you’re under NO obligation to call her to go out ever again.

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Agree with everyone else. She may have used the comment to hold you off.

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Put her on a back burner for now and find another to keep company with. Maybe she’ll call you some day…

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I would say I love him too. Let’s party together.

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IF, by chance, she ever calls you to ask WHY you’re ghosting her, just say I met a girl that I love & I don’t want to cheat on her then hang up!!!

Of course, it could be worse…she could have lead you on & tried to make you fall in love with her only to dump you when he decided he was ready to get back with her. I’d still move her to the back burner permanently!!!

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You don’t want to be her rebound anyway.

Move on for sure.

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I’m going to take the contrary view.

She may have simply tried to be honest. She liked you enough to go out with you once, and that means she’s open to something. She possibly wanted to get the old boyfriend complication on the table early on, so that it didn’t come as a slap in the face later.

It’s entirely possible that you and your charming personality may be able to climb the wall she placed there, and over time have her love you.

Dating is an investment. Do you sell your Tesla stock the first time it goes down? Or do you give it time to grow and become worthwhile?

Don’t be so quick to dump her.

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A date is for two people to initially get to know each other and she might not have liked what she saw.
I’ve had plenty of dates that didn’t do it for me.
She’ll let you know if she’s interested.

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I’ve been out of circulation for four decades bud. But even in the day, I think I could have found a way to ease out of it and keep things cordial. For my money go through with the date, keep your plans, have enough couth not to stiff her for any money, then when you drop her off, say something like “Hey it was fun, and if you change you mind, give me a call”. Then bid her good night and be on your way. Shit happens, nothing to get bent out of shape about. Five years from now you’ll never know the difference, as my Old Pappy used to say.

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To start with, you don’t go on dates with someone you want to be friends with. You obviously want more out of this relationship than she does. Time to move on.

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Thank you all for your answer. I was in a pickle because I considered what @seawulf575 said but then I considered what @elbanditoroso said. So that had me in a tight bind but she told me she really likes going out with me. She calls me and texts me from time to time. After she told me this we still talked but I never mentioned that part to her. I stopped calling her often though.

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it’ll sort itself out @Eggie.

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