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Is he asking me for a date, or just being friendly?

Asked by ASC0826 (205points) December 30th, 2020

Long story short, it’s a guy who I went to middle/high school with, and we reconnected a few months ago. We met up, going for a walk around our neighborhood just talking and catching up, and he voluntarily walked me home afterwards.
We’ve kept in touch here and there since then, and recently he texted, “Be good to kick it again sometime, maybe go to a coffeehouse and chill or grab a bite to eat”?
He’s also sent me the red heart emoji twice now in our messages to one another. Is he interested, or just being friendly? I honestly don’t know because everything he’s done can be taken as one way or the other.

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He doesn’t know either. He’s testing to see if he gets a good response.

One step at a time. Say yes to the coffee and see where it goes.

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He’s feeling the waters.

But then again, we know nothing about him. He could be an idiot and oblivious to those kinds of social cues.

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He sounds interested bu don’t jump the gun. Get together with him again and see where it goes.

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This isn’t 2005. One false move with a woman and you’re toast.

Must really like you, and is playing it super safe.

If the feeling’s mutual, tell’m.

If he says he’s sorry you got the wrong impression or something… I’d stick to messaging once in a long while.

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Hearts from a friend are unusual. For me anyway. I’d say he’s interested.

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Are you interested?

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Go for the coffee thing, what the hey? Just coffee, doesn’t mean you have to hook up and go play house. If you click you click, if you don’t you don’t. Play it by ear and see where it goes. Seems like if he was hinting for a date, he’d offer up something a bit more classy.

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Whatever you do, wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.

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Then next step, then, seems rather obvious. Take him up on the coffee and see what goes from there.

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