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What is something you take so much for granted that you don't realize other people struggle for it?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18308points) 5 days ago

As you know, I’m an English teacher and an active user here. Not to mention I have a love for English movies and books. This means that I have to use English everyday. For a long time I assumed that there was no way anyone who has to use English as part of their job could forget English. That was until a friend of mine approached me and asked me to help teach her English because she felt that her English skills were failing. She was also an English teacher like me, and she said the reason why her English was failing was because she spent too much time around small children that she forgot the more advance usage of English.

Since then there has been other similar incidents, but I didn’t think much about it, until when I had a chat with another friend. She is currently living in a foreign country, and she complained that her knowledge of English is failing and her dream of opening an English center is dying because she doesn’t have an opportunity to practice English in that country. This came from a person who scored above average in IELTS.

This was when it finally dawned on me that my English skill isn’t something easy to come by at all. I had been using English for so long that I just came to assume that anyone could do the same thing I did. I never thought some people are actually struggling to remember English. That really makes me appreciate the kind of work I do to maintain my skill that I typically just overlook, and the time I spend here on Fluther.

Do you have a similar story?

My friend also advised me to find older students to teach because she is worried that I would forget my English if I just stay around with small children. If only she knew what I do on the Internet :D

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Clean drinking water.

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Use it or lose it.

What do you take for granted that others struggle to achieve?

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Feeling safe at night in my neighborhood and not having to worry about a possible home invasion or burglars

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Having a family that all get along.

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I am privileged in America, and I know it. By this I mean, I am in the enviable position of being comfortable and content without the grind that is work. It is odd, because prior to covid, it hadn’t even occurred to me that I could choose to reject the necessary tedium and drudgery required in earning a living. It was so odd at first living a life without deadlines, schedules and crises. Being able to ignore the telephone, one of which I have misplaced somewhere in the house and haven’t seen in months—and I don’t care. Months ago, the wife predicted that I would go stir crazy, and there are times when she’s right. But those occasions have by now drastically decreased to the point that she now busies herself nagging me toward silly chores maintaining the house or pampering her. It’s the sort of life of indolence I never dreamed I might tolerate. Life is so peculiar.

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I have things I take for granted and I realize other people struggle, but that is not the question at hand. Anything from language (I speak Spanish at about a 3rd grade level with some higher level vocabulary for some specific subjects, and I agree use it or lose it) to being able to walk outside feeling safe on Election Day or afternoon an attack on our Capitol Building would be impossible in many other countries. I could name a ton of examples of where I know I am lucky in my situation, but I’m aware and grateful. Even something as simple as being comfortable and warm in my bed at night, I am grateful on a regular basis for these simple things.

It’s worth mentioning that every time I go to a store or doctor during covid I’m struck at how it’s a different world for the people working there than for me. I avoid people most of the time since March. These people have to be taking risks every day. Some of them don’t perceive a risk, so I’m not talking about them, but plenty would rather not have to take the risk of catching covid and have to to earn a living.

One thing I take for granted that I became aware of later in life not everyone does take for granted is saving money for the future. I don’t mean people who truly live check to check for basics and can’t save, but people who make really good salaries and spend all their money or are in debt and think it’s fine. Years ago I thought everyone knew to save for a rainy day, but I now know that was naive. Many people were never taught it and haven’t figured it out for themselves.

People who trust doctors implicitly, I’ve always known to get second opinions and check drugs prescribed to me. I’ve always been aware medical mistakes happen. A lot of people seem oblivious to this.

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Having enough food.

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A warm safe place to stay, good food, good clothing for any weather, a toilet, and a refrigerator.

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Mostly food and housing security.

Language is definately a use it or lose it situation. I’ve studied many in school and on my own, from Japanese to French to Cherokee, but it’s incredibly difficult to stay fluent without using them on a regular basis.

Perhaps you could encourage your teacher friends to find sites in English like you have, so they can feel more confident?

@stanleybmanly Did you retire for good then? Congratulations, if so.

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So many things, it’s almost that I feel to list each one would feel like bragging. Without going into minute details: housing, job, family, health benefits, living in a nice area…..

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Clean running water, whenever I need it, and a sewage system, to remove water safely when I’m done with it.

Plenty of healthful food.

Living in a safe home, where I’m warm and dry and can sleep soundly at night.

Healthcare. The U.S. “system” is a disgrace, but at least I have access to medical services and pharmaceuticals.

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The ability to understand what people are saying.

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What @filmfann said.

I’ve always had a good relationship with my family and I do take it for granted. My best friend is estranged from his mom and barely talks to his dad, another friend has recently stopped talking to her brother…nothing like that has even come close to happening with me and my family and I’m very fortunate. (Not to mention how they handled my coming out as gay. So many people struggle with that but I knew ahead of time that they would accept me because they had told me so).

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I seem to have infinite patience and perseverance. I never had to work at it. It’s a gift.

Also long distance running and racing came so easy for me. I raced full marathons for 35 years and logged enough training and racing miles to go an equivalent amount distance around the Earth at the Equator >2½ times. Marathon PR = 2:36:10. I never had a problem with my knees. I stopped running because of heart problems and a severe hamstring injury.

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A nice climate.

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If I don’t realize it, I’m probably not going to be able to think to write it here without accessing my subconscious or something…

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Clean water running right into my house, and having the choice of going to college or not.

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Rational thought.

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