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Do you know someone who attended the rally or any of the insurgents who stormed and damaged the Capitol?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40616points) January 11th, 2021

They cost American taxpayers many millions of dollars and killed a security guard.

There are rewards for identifying the insurgents? USA Today

To submit videos or photos of the riot to the FBI, go to
To submit information to the FBI, call ‪1–800-CALL-FBI (1—‪800–225-5324), click here or go to

The cash reward pot for information is getting bigger all the time.

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Thank God, no but I have read that several have been apprehended already. Many more need to be. Luckily, they were foolish enough to take selfies and post them. Bull horns guy and the guy who occupied Pelosi’s office, Richard Barnett, have been arrested already, as has the guy who took Pelosi’s lectern.

Elizabeth from Knoxville who whined about being maced when she was only a few feet inside shouldn’t be hard to find. When asked what she was doing, she whined “We were starting a revolution.”

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Thankfully no. I’m also thankful most of my Republican friends in real life have verbally and on social media said their disapproval of what happened.

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I do not (thankfully).

The one family of pro-Trump people we are actually friends with are (thankfully, again) not that extreme in their views. In fact, they have quieted down and changed their tune since the election. They’re disappointed but not deluded (thankfully for a third time).

I have seen on Tik Tok (what?! I’m hip.) that folks have been using the platform to give details on people they recognize. I hope they’re also contacting the FBI directly.

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Parler, the “free speech” alternative to Twitter that was a home for hate speech, let their security slip. All their data was captured and archived by activists. It includes the people making plans to attack the capital and bragging about attacking the capital, and Trump’s attorney Lin Wood calling for the hanging of Mike Pence.

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The now ex House of Representative from WV was videoing himself inside and was very helpful by telling us all his name. He has been asked to resign, and has resigned.

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No, I don’t know anyone who participated.

The morning after the incident, Sadie and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood. I noticed an enormous pickup truck with the vanity license plate “H8 CNGRS,” parked nearby. The sight gave me chills. I’d never seen that truck (and haven’t seen it since then); I live in a bluer-than-blue area, where people don’t publicize such sentiments; pickup trucks aren’t an urban, northeastern thing, and nobody around here drives one. I have no doubt that the vehicle belongs to someone who’d traveled to the DMV, one or more people who came to participate in the riot.

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One of my friends went down there, to participate in the rally and to show his support for Trump. I know he doesn’t use social media, and I know he is not a violent person. He didn’t go into the building or anything. He said he saw Trump’s speech and then he left the area around 4:30 when shit started happening. I don’t think he thought it would get as bad as it did, probably because he’s not on social media and so had no clue.

He’s a Trump supporter but is not one to fly flags or have nasty bumper stickers or anything.

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@Love_my_doggie CNGRS?
I tried to make something of it, but I fail to see what that stands for…
It’s not the N-word, I’m pretty sure (or I must miss something)?

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@rebbel “Hate Congress”

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I wouldn’t be friends with a Trump supporter or any Republican.

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Yes, but I’m in Red-neck country, Two guys that are members of an organization that I’m also a member were in DC at Lincoln Memorial watching all the “Patriots”.

Oh two cops are on leave from the city just north of me, they took selfies while in the building with one “flipping the bird”. oopssie

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@hello321: If I weren’t friends with any Trump supporters, I’d lose half my friends, half my family and make enemies out of at least half of my neighbors. Maybe to some, that’s worthwhile, but not to me.

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Yeah, thankfully I don’t know anyone that ignorant, but if I did, boy would I turn them in. I make it a rule not to support terrorists that want to destroy our nation.

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I don’t know anyone who went.

Over the weekend, I went for a drive through rural North Georgia – Banks County, Stephens County, Franklin County – up towards the NC state line.

There are still TONS of farmers and other rural residents displaying large Trump 2020 signs even though the election ended two months ago.

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Personally no, but the owner of a local candy store did and the store is now being “canceled” online.

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Not that I know of, but then I have very few people left in my life that would support any of his crap, and 9nly because they don’t let on.

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Pretty sure I don’t know any of them, but I did have a QAnon Facebook “friend” who vanished some months ago.

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No. My sister is a big Trump supporter and I’m sure she was gleeful over the rally and storming of the Capitol. She watched all of his televised rallies. We don’t talk politics anymore. It pains me to say this, but if she weren’t my sister we would never be friends.

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I’m an Independent who doesn’t care which side of the fence your loyalties lie. I’m a switch hitter who votes for the person…Not the party!!! My BFF is so far right that she could be left. I forgave her in 2016 when she ignored my advice & voted for him because I knew that she ONLY voted for him because he was running as a rep. After he announced his plans to become a dicktater, I’ve found it a LOT more difficult to forgive her for voting for him in 2020. I haven’t seen her in over a year due to the pandemic & when she calls, she’s been too polite to bring up politics. When the time comes that she does, we may break up. It WON’T be because she’s a rep, it WILL be because she knowingly voted for a dicktater!!!

Unless she went to DC for the rally, I don’t know anyone who went & got busted!!! I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that she went; but I would be gobsmacked to discover that she joined in on the insurrection!!! I haven’t seen her face flashing across the screen…so far.

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No, but I do know about a courageous young woman, who was kicked out by her family, and then reported them as possible MAGA rioters.

An 18-year-old lesbian, who says she had been kicked out of her home, outed her Trump-loving family members, who participated in a violent altercation in D.C.

She reported them on the evening of the MAGA riots at the Capitol last week, after she saw pictures of them being shared on social media, where people were trying to identify them.

“Hi this is the liberal lesbian of the family who has been kicked out multiple times for her views and for going to BLM protests to care what happens to me,” wrote Helena Duke in a tweet. She then proceeded to give her family members’ names in response to photos of the protest.

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@Brian1946 Her mom was internet famous the night before the riots. She was harassing a female DC bus driver, who gave her a well-deserved punch in the nose. It happened to be caught on video which was spread on Twitter that night for all to enjoy.

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@Call_Me_Jay was the mom’s name Karen?

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