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What do you think of the fact that Trump has been impeached TWICE?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42855points) 1 week ago

Is he just going to brag that he has done something no other president has done?

Also, are they going to remove him from office?


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Well, the Senate probably won’t have the trial before he leaves office anyway, so he’ll serve out his term.

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He wanted to make the history books. He has. Not in a positive way.

The Senate’s cowardice (Thanks, Mitch), is nothing new.

The Trump years will – in twenty years – be seen as the worst in American civilization.

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I wish it wasn’t all a waste of time

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He can still be tried even after he’s out of office, right?

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Hey if this prevents him from ever holding public office again it will be a good thing.
Now he can go off into the night screaming was robbed and it’s all BLM, and the democrats fault.

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Jefferson Davis with tangerine make-up.

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I believe it took entirely too long. He should have been impeached the second the Senate rejected convicting him the first time.

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Part one Yes he’ll brag Part two No, they won’t

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He wanted his presidency to be historic. Now it is.

Mitch Mephistopheles McConnell will not reconvene the Senate before the inauguration, so he is passing the buck along to the ‘new’ Senate to vote on conviction and such.

It’s a good move really. He’s not dismissing it out of hand (like he did last time), but he’s leaving the possibility open of conviction — but at the hands of the democrat-controlled senate.

New York Times reported that McConnell’s aids said he not-do-secretly wants Trump out of the Republican Party. This is a good way to accomplish that without doing it himself.

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He has not been and will not be.

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They don’t really have the time for a trial before he leaves office. But they can convict him later.

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It’s sad that the clearly deranged impossible dummy must be dogpiled and kicked while he is down. But it is absolutely essential that he be publicly disgraced and humiliated to the fullest extent possible, right up to the line of barbarism. Even that will be scant compensation for the degradation and destruction his illness has inflicted on his country.

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By saying there should be no impeachment since there is only one week left in his presidency, they are saying the President’s oath of office doesn’t apply during the last 2 weeks in office.
Anything can happen at this point.

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I think he’s cussing up a storm and probably most of his supporter who have stayed on probably went home early knowing he will use them as his verbal punching bags and so he’s calling all his fox new people to bitch.
He’s probably blamed everyone else by now that is in his close circle along with Democrats and really cussing about the Republicans who also went for the impeachment.
McConnel is not going to take it up so Trump will stay in office till inauguration day. The New Congress will have to vote on it.
Malania is happily packing bags as Trump rants.

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”He has not been and will not be.”

@si3tech: Um…

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No, you can’t impeach or convict a president after he leaves office,

As far as being impeached twice, these impeachments are glaring for their difference in how impeachment is stipulated constitutionally. In neither case were there “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” committed, no evidence for them, no investigation, no trial.

Since we have transcripts of what was supposed to have incited violence, along with a timeline of events (the violence began just 10–15 minutes into Trump’s speech at the far end of the mall). There are transcripts of the Ukrainian phone call as well, which was said to be a quid-pro-quo.

History will look badly on this time and this Congressional House as the first time when an innocent man was impeached—unconstitutionally—twice. I imagine the Russia hoax and the 2020 election changes will also go down in infamy.

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Senate will not convene until 19th.

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Two is good. Sixteen would be better.

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@si3tech “He has not been and will not be.”

Yes, he was. Twice.

I’m sorry that reality is so painful for you that you have to retreat into a fantasy world of your own delusions.

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@Yellowdog Au contraire he can be for actions while he was President (besides he hopes the coup works and he is President on January 21, 2021 maybe you too)

“Scholar Frank O. Bowman also pointed out another precedent: the 1876 impeachment trial of William Belknap, who served as Secretary of War for President Ulysses S. Grant. Belknap faced allegations of receiving kickbacks, and he resigned moments before the House approved articles of impeachment. The House charged Belknap with “basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain.” At Belknap’s trial, the Senate passed a motion in a 37 to 29 vote that “William W. Belknap, the respondent, is amenable to trial by impeachment for acts done as Secretary of War, notwithstanding his resignation of said office before he was impeached.” The Senate later acquitted Belknap on all charges, lacking a two-thirds majority to convict”


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Impeachment involves two steps : Approval of charges by a simple majority of the House of Representatives; and conviction or acquittal on charges by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

Impeachment is a political process, not exclusively a legal one. Standards of proof can be different. Technichally a president or any other public official subject to constitional process is impeached as soon as charges are approved in the House. That’s why the Congressional Record shows Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as “Impeached in Office”, even though neither was convicted by the Senate.

As far as whether Trump could be convicted by the Senate after leaving office timing is critical, but the best answer based on past precedents and current circumstances is – Maybe. The House has already voted to approve articles of impeachment, and they will be formally reported to the Senate on January 19. Trump will continue to act as president until January 20 at 1:00 pm.

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Trump was impeached today. It is done. The Senate trial is not part of impeachment, it is a consequence. Impeachment is equivalent to indictment in a criminal court.

Trump will be tried by the Senate after he leaves office. If convicted, he can be banned from federal office for life.

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So you’re clutching at straws of pedantry. That’s…kinda sad.

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Trump doesn’t care. He only cares about being banned from social media. He made that clear in his video tonight.

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It is a slight relief to finally see many GOP elected officials draw a line they will not cross in their party’s efforts to consolidate political power and foment anger in a shrinking voting base. I’m hoping that when the dust settles the line is a little further back than President incites a storming of the capitol in response to losing an election, but at least there is finally a visible line and at least most of them are standing on the side that is defending democratic institutions from literal insurrection. It’s small but I’ll take it.

It is another slight relief to know that the legislative branch is showing future presidents that they cannot attempt a coup without consequences. Again, it’s small (bare minimum), but it’s not something I’m taking for granted right now.

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I just keep thinking the last 4 years have been horrible, and Republicans who are finally getting on board are too little too late. Trump’s term is over. If someone commits a crime the punishment doesn’t undo the crime. I’m not saying punishment isn’t warranted, I’m just saying prevention is much better.

I ruminate about how Facebook, Twitter, and other types of media enjoyed the division in our country which only encouraged Trump to continue reinforcing the extremists in our country. Trump fed off of groups like QAnon. QAnon did a lot of the work.

If he is impeached and not convicted (is that the right term?) he will likely gain strength among his followers even though the group following him is a little smaller now. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Question: is the impeachment only regarding what he said to the crowd on the 6th? Or, is it overall the things he has done to continuously encourage people to be violent and to stir up hate?

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At this point I think trump is thinking of what he can do to get impeached for the third time before January 20. That’s scary. Pure evil is.

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There is now a Disambiguation page on Wikipedia:

Quite an achievement.

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@ragingloli They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and now I suppose there is more than one way for a POTUS to make history.

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Something is very wrong that Trump could be elected as president. He is repulsive in so many ways. Given his overall character, it is actually a positive factor that he is incompetent. It limits the harm that he can do. One good thing to come out of all of this is that his approval, as shown by fivethirtyeight, is the lowest it has been for a while. Maybe some people are finally catching on.

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The second impeachment only serves to make liberals feel good and to antagonize conservatives. Meanwhile Biden is talking about unifying the country. Just more political madness.

The first impeachment was a farce. The second impeachment is valid but too late to be effective to remove from office.

Even without the second impeachment, Trump’s political career is over.

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But the point of @LostInParadise is inescapable. It is more than perplexing that anyone could take an honest look at Trump and expect a satisfactory President. I mean did any of you honestly believe from the beginning that this might turn out well???

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Right @Stanlyman? Did you have to be some sort of Einstein to realize he would be a horrible president?

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The first one didn’t stick but the second one will!
Watch out as I think that Trump will still do more damage!
My insightful brother who is rarely wrong, and I were discussing this.
That Trump WILL do more damage especially to the Senate
I hope security is amped up to protect the Senate and especially Pelosi as Trump dislikes her very much .
He seems to dislike women and only see them as pawns to use which Phytologically shows his internal hatred for his own mother figure that had never healed.

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They already closed the Mall for the Inauguration. Too sad to contemplate. That freakin reality TV show host.

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Of course the first one “stuck,”
@Inspired_2write. Impeachment doesn’t mean he automatically gets kicked out of office. Bill Clinton got impeached too.

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The fool is a lesson we should never be permitted to forget. He’s right up there with our other great disasters such as 9/11 or the war in Vietnam. If there were any justice, Trump Tower would be confiscated and converted from a monument to garish tackiness and bad taste into a memorial to the unnecessary American covid deaths.

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Imagine what his family feels?
He has forever tarnished the Trump name and is synonymous with negativity.
I heard on News that some have removed his name off buildings etc
Yep, everyone is jumping off the gravy train that Trump promised.

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Imagine what his family feels?

Ivanka thinks she has a political futures. If they had any shame or awareness of life outside their privilege bubble they would have stopped associating with Donald years ago.

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Exactly…well said.

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Yeah, most of “Trump’s” building aren’t actually owned by Trump. He merely leases his name to them, and usually his company has a management role over them to some extent or another.

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@gondwanalon You say that the second impeachment is valid but too late to be effective to remove from office. Why is it any more valid than the first?

The FBI is admitting that it had detailed plans, including maps of the Capitol tunneling system, that was planned over Facebook and Twitter for many weeks leading up to the Capitol riots. This anarchist group had begun breaching the Capitol only a few minutes into Trump’s speech.

As far as the speech went, it was attended by church groups and families and Trump rally types, not the armed militia that instigated the breach,

All Trump said at his ‘last stand’ was:

.(1) We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women.

and later, (2) ” I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

And he ends with: (3) “But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.”

At no point does he mention anything that sounds like violence, nor was his rally violent.

The second impeachment is totally baseless.

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Transcript of Trump’s speech in full. Because, you know, context counts. Posting a couple little bite-sized quotes completely removed from any and all context says jack shit.

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Thanks for the link. The speech should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand context.

Where is the call to violence, or any violent speech?

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“We will not let them silence your voices. We’re not going to let it happen, I’m not going to let it happen.

(Audience chants: “Fight for Trump.”)

Trump says “Thank you.”

That’s one.

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FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT throughout, and talk talk talk about the election being stolen, but then he’s really careful when he tells them to go to the Capitol.

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And you have to get your people to fight. And if they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight.

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Also did you know there were people running around like chickens with their heads cut off by boxes. :D

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trump cultists are giving pretzel twists a run for their money when it comes to being twisted. Deplorable trump cultists

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“In any case, the news is releasing that this was planned five, ten, up to twenty days in advance, and the D.C. Mayor, the FBI, the House and Senate—refused National Guard protection. The riots certainly weren’t in the spirit that was at the Trump rally.” WTAF

You can’t lie fast enough on that; the fact is DoD (by Trump’s order) refused armed National Guard in DC.

As a man of the cloth you should pray for your soul – - In my state the Proud Boys are planning on mass shooting and going after the Democratic Governor !

They want to kill anyone in their way and demand Trump be declared “El Jefe” forever in DC!

Blood will be on YOUR hands.

Just keep going

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In 2020 John Sullivan was booted from BLM protests ‘due to alarming behaviors including grifting/profiteering, self-promotion/clout chasing, sabotage of community actions, threats of violence, and — maybe most disturbingly — ties to the far-right.’

Also, his videos are online. If you’ve seen the close-ups next to the cops when the woman inside was shot crawling through a window, that is his video. His voice is on the video.

if you read the Deseret News and Rolling Stone stories first-hand accounts from him, you can see he is a self-appointed rabble-rouser/documentarian. He doesn’t have clear affinities, he’s kind of anarchic, and he wants to document the scene.

Even if he were leading rioters (he wasn’t), pointing to him as “proof” that antifa started the violence is stupid. Right-wingers flooded social media with their bragging about storming the capitol.

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I will say that some of our Sanders fans are fanatical about Bernie as Trumpers are about Trump, but Bern won’t condone violence and pointed out he won’t have people like that as supporters. That’s the difference between a real leader and a moron like Trump…leading by example and laying out firm rules for his own fan club.

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@Nomore_lockout: “I will say that some of our Sanders fans are fanatical about Bernie as Trumpers are about Trump”

Not a thing.

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Yeah, I clearly remember the violent mob storming the DNC during the 2016 primaries, trying to assassinate Hillary when Bernie was not made frontrunner.

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Impeached twice is within the realm of sanity. Elected once is the sort of lunacy for which the citizenry deserves impeachment.

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@ragingloli @hello321 Why are you criticizing @Nomore_lockout? He says Bernie would never encourage violence and actually discourages it. There certainly are fanatic Bernie voters who won’t vote for anyone else, think the election was stolen from Bernie, and think any other leader is horrible.

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@JLeslie Thanks! The election WAS stolen from Bernie, but we didn’t attack the Capitol or try to overturn election results. Karma took care of Hillary. LOL

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@JLeslie: “There certainly are fanatic Bernie voters who won’t vote for anyone else, think the election was stolen from Bernie”

Not to go through all of this again, but Sanders was the compromise candidate. The enthusiasm for him came from the fact that he was the first candidate people had an opportunity to vote for that wasn’t right wing. As a center-left guy, Sanders was still problematic and to the right of many, but he was decent enough to bring people into the process and back his candidacy.

However, he got time of shit throughout the process. As much as the right likes to paint people who voted for Sanders as “fanatics”, they just were not.

And yes, the election was “stolen”.

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@hello321 That has nothing to do with the point being made by @Nomote_lockout.

hello321's avatar

^ Exactly. That’s why I was specific in my comment. I even used whisper font. Stay focused.

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Not to run through this tired old bullshit yet again, but simply put Democratic voters did not vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in large enough numbers for him to secure the nomination.

I like Sanders. As a registered Democrat I voted for him in the 2016 primary. But at the end of the day the votes just weren’t there for him.

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^^Seems Bernie supporters blame the Democratic Party leadership for not going for Bernie in 2016 and 2020?

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In 2016 it was Hillary up to shenanigans..but what goes around comes around. 2020 not sure what the malfunction was. But we’re “Biden” our time. For the here and now, anything is better than Trump. Just the way the ball bounces.

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And as has been said, “The enemy of your enemy is your freind”. However in my view Biden is Republican lite. But like it or not, the winds of change are blowing. These things take time. The immediate need is to unfuck what Trump has done the the nation. We’ll have to see what the next four years bring.

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@Nomore_lockout the “unfuck” may take generations !

Nomore_lockout's avatar

Don’t think so. Biden/Harris are the introduction to a new era I believe. I’m not overjoyed about them, but they’re a start.

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People in other countries will not trust us until the forget about “old Tangerine make-up” !

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Well we can hope the recent election and reaction to the fascist revolt, which needs to be swift and merciless, will restore faith in the American electorate and our will to do the right thing. But we can’t coddle these ass clowns…we can’t preach to the rest of the world about the evil of change through a gun barrel when we allow it to happen here. Don’t throw rocks when you’re living in a glass house.

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We, as a country, lost trust @Nomore_lockout that doesn’t get fixed on January 21, 2021 !

That would be nice but it will take time and not March or April 2021.

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I didn’t say.ot would be fixed immediately. I said Biden/Harris are a start, a new beginning. I also said these things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it wasn’t destroyed in a day either. That should be cause for hope…

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