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As an unbiased and objective observer, which of the two political parties in the US is truly playing with fire, Democrats or Republicans?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27521points) January 14th, 2021

Playing with fire in the context of deploying effective yet divisive political strategies to amass power in order to push hard one’s agendas without compromise.

If possible, make a judgement on just one party and do not say both sides equally. Thank you.

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Nonsensical question.

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Republicans. All they care about is money, basically.

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Republicans, because they want to escape blame for something (the Trump years) that they could have avoided.

They’re placing a duplicitous game. Ultimately it will bite them, collectively, in their asses.

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I foresee three parties Democrats, GOP and Proud Boys. Half of GOP support Proud Boys.

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Neither. It’s just a spectacle for the masses to gawp at. Both parties are ideologically unified in their promotion of American Exceptionalism and capitalism.

Everything else is just confected drama to make people think they’ve some meaningful emotional investment in whatever happens next.

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Unbiased? Here?

Right now my guess is it’s the Republicans.

Democrats took a page from the Republican playbook, using some of the Republican strategies that are seemingly effective in the short term. The Republicans are on the downward slope of a lifecycle; they made bedfellows with some truly evil people and it’s coming to haunt them now.

I think the Republican Party survives and the extremists in the party go more underground again.

It will be interesting to see if a new centrist party develops, I really doubt it will happen. Possibly, the Democrats will stay close to center since some Republicans are shifting over. My belief is most Republicans leaving their party are fine with a lot of the socially liberal stances Democrats have, they just worry about the fiscal, and Democrats do have a lot of fiscally responsible people in the ranks to hold onto the converts.

The next 4 years will be interesting. The vote in 2 years will be very interesting.

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I placed my first vote 50 years ago, I’m a registered Independent who has voted about 50/50 for each party & I find them BOTH equally offensive. Now that I’ve got that off my chest…with the current climate…I’m seeing the 45 reps to be some of the most VILE people on this planet!!! Every rep I know bitches about the Muslims & then they turn around & act just like them IF 45 is found guilty for his part in this insurrection along with Cruz & Hawley, should the 3 Musketeers be sentenced to Guantanamo Bay? I learned a valuable lesson in 2016. I knew that I couldn’t vote for Hillary. I prayed that 45’s candidacy would be denied by the rep voters & I really wanted Cruz to be the candidate from which to choose. The right let me down GREATLY,,,or so I thought. When Bush had Hussein taken down, we were shown the inside of his home with ALL the gold faucets, etc in his home & people were shocked at how he allowed his people to go hungry while living in such an opulent manner Did you pay attention to 45’s penthouse just before the election??? ALL the faucets were gold & EVERYTHiNG looked just as tacky as Hussein’s home. After seeing Cruz’s true colors, my vote would have been wasted on him as he NEVER planned on making a good President…he just wanted the title.

Looking back over the last 50 years, the right has been slowly building up to this moment. The harder I look, the more I see 45 as a patsy who fell for the BS while they stroked his ego .Only ONE problem….45’s ego was such that as he threatened each of those that defied him with ruin, they bowed even further to his demands. In the end the jack ass was leading the parade!!!

The US has ALWAYS been a liberal leaning country…yet the cons can’t understand WHY they keep loosing??? The US was founded on the principle that we ALL are SAFE from oppression, immigrants are welcomed with open arms…mainly because most immigrant are willing to do the jobs that most US citizens feel is BELOW their status in life. Most immigrants flock to the refuge they’re most definitely seeking & are wiling to say THANK YOU by contributing to society through their hard work. Then when ANYTHING goes wrong, they are blamed for the mess due to made up fears!!!

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