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Would you eat at a restaurant that doesn't give you a choice of what you are served?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21255points) January 15th, 2021

Like at home. For a discount. They make for you whatever is fresh at the moment.

Like KFC just only chicken. Or a hot dogs sausage stand.

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No. That defeats the purpose of a restaurant. If I wasn’t given a choice, I’d eat at home.

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Depends on how good a restaurant it is otherwise…

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I wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that serves me.

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Only if it is a cheap cantine sort of thing, where people go to eat lunch.
But that is what we had as school lunches in primary school, where there is a different meal every day, but only one per day, and it was fine.

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I have.

My wife and I stayed at this Bed & Breakfast in Maine a couple times. It is owned by a chef and his wife.

Part of the stay is that you have a multi-course dinner, as prepared by the chef. It’s a fixed menu. Whatever the chef wants to make.

Ultimately, I wasn’t a fan. The food was amazing, but I only really enjoyed about 60% of the offering. Plus, I was still hungry afterward.

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If it’s what I want to eat, then yes. Meaning that if I know what’s on the menu id advance and can decide whether I want that dish.

I would also consider eating at a fancy restaurant where they served a tasting menu with only one offering per course. I might not like them all but it would be an interesting experience.

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When I was a child we went to some Basque restaurants in Nevada. They served family style just like that. Everyone sat down at these big picnic tables- we were seated with another family. The server brought out pitchers of milk and water along with steaming bowls of food and we were to help ourselves. The food was amazing, but we had no idea what we were eating! It was a fun experience, and I wish I could take my family to a place like that again.

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Yes I would. But I always get the weird menu items, always have had an adventurous palate.

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Just like a military mess hall? Yes.

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When they were open Chez Panisse, one of the top restaurants in the United States, did that every night. It’s actually not uncommon at the very best restaurants.

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I have, at restaurants with tasting menus and such. It’s probably not my top choice for eating out given how many foods I don’t like, but sometimes you have to be adventurous.

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It depends. If it is something that I like (and can eat, as a vegetarian) then probably yes. If it is something that I don’t like, or can’t eat as a vegetarian, then I definitely would not.

If the pizza restaurant only served cheese pizza, then most likely I would eat there. If they only served pepperoni pizza, I would not.

I remember one time, my friends and I went to Lake Havasu on a little weekend retreat. We saw what appeared to be a cute little pizza place overlooking the lake. It was the first, and only time I ever encountered a restaurant that made their pizza with meat sauce (only). There was no option of just plain marinara sauce. We ended up going elsewhere.

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We have a resturaunt the next town over that does exactly that. It’s only open on Sundays from 11 to 2. It’s actually run by high school kids as part of a young entrepreneur class. Everytime we’ve eaten there the food has been very good.
Old Oxford Mill.

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There is a restaurant in Barcelona called Spoonik that has one seating, and no menus. They serve a sixteen course meal (almost every serving is very small).

The only choices are: expensive wines or affordable wines, or sparkling water or still water.

When I ate there, it was one of the most incredible eating experiences of my life. And, it was reasonably priced! Less than $100 per person.

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I would do it in a second! Sign me up! I love trying new things!

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If they were serving what I was wanting, then I would go. If not, only if it were the only thing available.

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