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Anybody else love Cool Whip? I'd perish without it. Or cry.

Asked by Aster (20016points) January 21st, 2021

It’s the creamy texture. Not too heavy; not watery. It’s how it transforms a slice of pumpkin pie from ugly to magnificent. I put a slice of pumpkin pie on a saucer then let my spoon s l i d e slowly into its sensuality . I want to put a quarter cup of it on top but I do have some control. Then I sit in my recliner , turn on “My 600lb Life” or “Dr. Phil” (more on him later) and savor every creamy bite.
I’d like to have a big fat jar of it to smooth on my face and hands. And how about Cool Whip conditioner?

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@Aster: You sound really enamored with it.

I used to like it when I was little. I found the sweet taste and the creamy texture to be very appealing. Now I would rather have real whip cream, because it’s less sweet, and more mild flavored.

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Nice to see you @Aster!

I do love Cool Whip with my chocolate pudding pie. I don’t eat it with anything else. I like it straight from the freezer and quite a bit on the pie. My husband likes it from the fridge.

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I eat it, and Reddi Whip, strait.

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I prefer whipped cream. Cool Whip is vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup, two food substitutes I do my best to avoid.

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It’s inedible and tastes like melted plastic.

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Haha, this Q made me laugh. Thanks!

I love it but only have some on holidays. Real cream is way better. My dogs like it, too.

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It’s my beauty secret.

I’m soaking in a spa full of it right now.

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I like Cool Whip.

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It tastes good but it’s pure fat and sugar. Not a nice thing to do to your body.

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I think you’re more likely to perish with it, than you are without it.

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I never liked the taste if Cool Whip. It is way too sweet and has a metallic chemical flavor.

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