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Does being out in the snow for a long time affect your eyes weirdly?

Asked by gondwanalon (21237points) February 14th, 2021

I was out walking on trails in the thick snow for 3½ hours today. No sun glasses as it was overcast with dark clouds. Toward the end of the walk I happed to close my eyes because it was getting brighter (sun still not out) and instead of black I saw bright green. When I got to a place to cross the street, everything seemed one dimensional. (I have an eye exam appointment on March 23).

My wife was with me walking in the snow today said she didn’t see green when she closed her eyes (she was wearing prescription sunglasses).

What about you. Does being out in snow effect your eyes oddly?

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I wear sunglasses with Polaroid lens when outside year round, my eye Doctor is happy with eyes because I don’t have any sign of cataracts.

Sounds like you got too much sun.

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It might be snow blindness. Light in the morning is almost always annoying and irritating to my eyes.

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The air might have been very dry, was there any wind? It might have been brighter than you realized. Next time you might want to use some eye drops, make sure you blink a lot, and wear sunglasses. I’m not a doctor, just seems like it might help. Let us know what the doctor says.

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I burned my eyeballs (yes, the whites of my eyes) while skiing without sunglasses (I was 18, and didn’t know it would hurt). Sun reflecting off of snow can give you a double burn. It also burned my face. It was very painful, but I don’t think it ruined my vision. I bet things return to normal. I hope you didn’t burn your eyes like I did.

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I’m willing to bet all sorts of weird stuff involving human vision can happen due to being out in snow. Aging eyes like mine would be a strong factor.

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Yes, your eyes will adjust to the brightness and cold.

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I wear wrap-around safety/sunglasses whenever I am outside. They shield my eyes from the sun and wind. When I am outdoor for a while and the temperature is below about 20F I have a little trouble focusing. My eyes tear up, more than they do when I listening to StoryCorp.

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Your eyes could get cold and frost bitten.

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