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Can any one tell me what could cause bleeding out of an ear?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (5095points) 1 month ago

Yesterday I got an excruciating ear ache that lasted maybe 30 minutes. I took some pain pills and it went away, but then my ear bled for awhile. Had trouble hearing good out of it as well, but that has subsided. Any ideas what could have caused that?

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I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow for an unrelated thing, but I may run this by the Doc while I’m there. As long as it isn’t something that might get me stuck in a hospital.

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A small bug could have crawled in your ear. Or if you scratched it with your finger nail or Q-tip.
Keep us updated.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s what I was thinking, but my wife insisted I look it up on Google. Worst case could be some sort of head injury, no go on that. Or some weird ass ear canal cancer, don’t buy that BS either. Least of the possibilities is an ear infection, which they say normally heal up in about two weeks anyway. I still roll with the bug explanation. Seems to be over now anyway, had no problems today. I’ll see what the Daktari has to say.

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Don’t look it up on google. Have your doctor look in your ear when you’re there tomorrow.

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@Caravanfan Considering that. Might or might not. If my wife will keep her yap shut. Not bothering me now anyway. No pain, no foul.

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Don’t be a fool. @Caravanfan is telling you right.

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I agree with @Caravanfan. Run it by the doctor since you’re going to be there anyway. He can take a quick look. Then that will satisfy the wife and put your fears to rest.

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There was a Twilight Zone episode where some kind of bug got into this guys ear and laid eggs. When they hatched, they started eating his eardrum. Have your doctor look!

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@chyna Rod Serling is never around when you need him.

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@Nomore Bleeding could mean perforation which can affect your balance. Its important as you don’t want permanent hearing loss or an accident while driving.

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I had a perforated eardrum when I was 14, same symptoms. I had an infection in my middle ear. I was blowing my nose too hard; stuff got pushed up the eustachian tube. All started with sinus and runny nose. Bus trips on the to the ENT Doctor by myself. Only have 80% hearing in that ear.

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If it had pus in it and the pain suddenly subsided, it could also just be a cyst. I had one when I was a kid and the pain was awful until it busted on its own. Still needed to take antibiotic ear drops for it though to make sure it didn’t get infected.

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EXCESSIVELY loud noise.

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Likely ruptured eardrum. Physician necessary soonest.

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What type of doctor will you be seeing? Let’s hope he has a way to look in your ear. Is it a GP? I would guess a perforated ear drum also, but guessing doesn’t seem like a good idea for something like this.

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Got a referral to an eye ear nose throat dude. Appointment next week, also upped my blood pressure meds, which I blew off when I ran out a few weeks ago. Doc said it could be caused by my higher blood pressure, but he wants to be sure. All well.

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@Nomore I hope the doc chewed you for not refilling! Good job getting checked.

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He did. Oh well.

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@Nomore_lockout Why aren’t you taking it more seriously though?
To me, blood coming from my ears would be a wake up call. Its serious enough for a ENT doc so kind of a big deal right?!

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I suppose, I never worried much about my health. True story, my great grand dad lived to be 95, and smoked all his life, healthy as a horse till the day he died. Kicked in the head by a mule on his farm. That’s what did him in. Otherwise, he could have made 100 easily. So you never know, I knew a woman on my job years ago, who did the health food thing, got regular exercise, did the yumba deal, or whatever you call that yoga dance or whatever it is. She died at 35 from brain cancer. Nobody cheats the Grim Reaper, no matter what we do. So what, me worry?

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